What this is all about…

I want to use this blog as a way to keep a record of the daily goings on of this crazy thing called life. Between a new baby, the horses, and the Army lifestyle, I feel like a lot of things can fall between the cracks, and then become easily forgotten. I love my life, and I don’t want that to happen. :-). I’m looking forward to looking back on this months and years from now, and remembering the little things, just as much as I remember the big things. I don’t have much of a shame filter, so if you blush easily, this might not be the place for you. I’ll keep the language in check though.
I’m currently hanging in there at 39 weeks preggo, and have been ‘offically’ in labor since Monday. I can honestly wonder how Michelle Duggar has done this 19 times! She’s a great lady in my opinion, and I love watching their show on TLC, but wow this sucks! I can’t imagine doing it again, much less 18 more times. Luckily I only have to wait another week or so. My OB told me that if we don’t go on our own by next Thursday, we’re getting induced within the next few days. I can’t really imagine hanging on that long, but I guess it is what it is. At my appointment earlier this week I was 3 cm dilated, and she’s sitting so low that the Dr. had to reach AROUND her head to get to my cervix. That was not a fun feeling at all! I guess it’s just a small, small, small, idea of what’s to come though.
M and I have been doing a lot of walking, walking, walking, and more walking. I even went and did chores with him at the barn this morning, to try and get things moving. I’m feeling a lot more uncomfortable with each passing day, which is encouraging at least! I’m not sure how else to hurry this little peanut up! I’m going to try to have a small glass of wine tonight, and see if that relaxes me!
The barn this morning was good, everybody behaved, with the exception of Rio. She and I don’t really see eye to eye on a lot of things (i.e. her behavior, she seems to think that kicking is an ok thing.) and we butt heads a lot. She is slowly learning to respect me, and my space, but it’s hard when I’m not there everyday like I used to be, and now I have to be a little bit more careful with her, because of the whole bun in the oven thing. Hopefully we’ll come to terms this summer. She’s only a year old, and they all go through a bit of a rebellious stage, just like kids. Here’s hoping that she’ll grow out of it.
After the barn, M and I came home and I did some cleaning up around here (I’m obsessed with vacuuming) and then I jumped in the tub for about an hour. M’s boss has been great about him working from home, so that he can be close to me, because according to the Dr. I can go at any time, and nobody really wants me to be alone. M did computer/work stuff all day, and I set this whole shebang up when I got out of the tub, between loads of laundry.
I HATE laundry.
We also just signed up for Netflix. We used to Redbox everything, but we were horrible about returning movies, so before we knew it, we had been charged $20-$30, for 1 movie, that we really didn’t even like! Paying $8 a month to watch it on our computer, that we can hook up to the TV, seemed like a much more reasonable expense. Just be aware though, if you want the NEW new movies, you have to get them on DVD and delivered to your door, you can’t watch stream them from the website, and the DVD service is an additional $8. There’s always a catch! We used to have Hulu, but you can’t get any good movies, and we do love to watch movies. Netflix gives you more, for the same price really. I’m just a bit disappointed, I really wanted to watch the new installment of the Twilight series, but I suppose I’ll have to wait now, unless I can convince M to let me order it off the TV. We DID just get our taxes back, so we might be able to afford to splurge the $4.
My husband is the MOST money aware person that I know. This isn’t a bad thing, since I’m clearly not.
I love him.
I’m off to find something that I want to eat for dinner! Maybe tonight will be the night, I’m getting increasingly more uncomfortable as time goes on… here’s hoping!

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