2 Weeks Old!

I’m blogging this from my phone… How freaking cool is that?
Shannon had her 2 week Well Baby check up yesterday, and she’s looking’ fine! She gained all her birth weight back, plus an ounce, so she’s a sturdy 6 lbs 2 oz! She also gained a half inch, putting her at 19 inches long. She’s healthy has a horse, and overall a pretty happy kid. I’m so proud of her. She was a champ during the appointment, and never even really cried.
We went and visited her Daddy at the office after her appointment, and then we visited my Mimmie. It was such a nice visit, and Mimmie really appreciated spending time with her great granddaughter. All in all a good day.
Today was a pajamas and Netflix day, and she was a fuss pot most of the time though. I blame it on gas bubbles. It was our first day since she’s been born that M didn’t have us running all over the planet, and nobody came up to the house, so the quiet time was nice. I want to spend as much time like this with her, since it goes so fast. The laundry can wait, in my opinion.
I’m also starting to research cloth diapering. I really feel like it’ll be the best for her bum. Unfortunately I have no support from anybody, including my husband. It really sucks, but I’m determined to do the best thing for her, and I’ll do it no matter what. I’m her Mom, and it’s my job. I wish M would be supportive, but he’s pretty stubborn. I wish he would understand….but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
I’m off to shower. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have an adventure to the barn and find the library in this town.

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