Word Vomit

I spend a lot of time alone throughout the course of the day, and while I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, it gives me a lot of time to think about the most random crud. That crud fills up my head, and then I can’t sleep at night, so what better to do then unload all the randomness here. It really is the most random, non-important business.
1. I really, REALLY wish my hair would grow out. I swear it’s been the same length since I got pregnant. Instead of having long, shiny locks of hair, like I imagined (because all the pregnancy books told me so), I have short hair that falls out in clumps. It’s so sexy.
2. I can’t wait to get back on my horse again, and get showing this summer. I CAN wait for, however, schooling in the warm up arenas. I’m lucky enough that I always seem to find myself on mares of the Alpha varity, so the seas always seem to part with a flick of an ear, but I hate dealing with the people who seem to be blind, deaf, and dumb to everything going on around them. I really think that a lot of people need ‘student driver’ bumper stickers for their horses hind ends. Also, don’t get pissed off at me when my mare takes a whack at you because you rode up her ass. You can feel her attitude from across the arena, don’t pretend like you don’t see it. Dingbat.
3. On the topic of student drivers…they should have their own roads, or even towns. When my kid is screaming her head off in the backseat because she’s hungry, I don’t want to get stuck behind you going 5 miles an hour, because there is a raindrop and a half on the road and your scared. What do you do when faced with life decisions that are bigger than choose A, B, or C?
4. My kid enjoys being naked. All. The. Time. She can be screaming and crying, as soon as I take her diaper/clothes off… peace. Too bad she can’t be trusted not to pee everywhere, or this would be a bedtime must. I have a feeling that she’s going to be ‘that kid’ in kindergarten.
5. I love Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m obsessed with the show. They look like they can be the most trashy, rough around the edges bunch that you’ve ever seen. Yea, I think that they go a little overboard with the bullet proof vests, and very large utility belts, but if you watch the show. Like really watch the show, they are such good people. They have such big hearts, and I think that they really have turned a lot of the criminals that they catch around for the better. Not only does Dog scare the bologna out of them, I’d never screw up again in my life if I had him coming after me, but with goodness too. I watched and episode yesterday with a pregnant lady. She was awful to them, evaded capture, was nasty when they caught her, but because she was pregnant, they rebonded her, and took her to the hospital to get checked out. I don’t think that that’s trashy at all.
6. Speaking of trashy… I think that the media, if they are going to focus on famous people (which there is no getting around… I’ll admit I love my celeb gossip just as much as the next girl) they should do a little more focusing on Will & Kate, and a little less focusing on the Kardashians. I watch the shows, and I love Khloe. She knows what she wants in life, has a stable marriage, and I don’t think that she’s let the fame go to her head too much. Kourtney has her business mostly together. But Kim. Oh lordy lord. The train wreck that that girl is. And the leader of the whole shebang, Kris, is the worst enabler to her I’ve seen in my life. Will & Kate on the other hand. I strive for my marriage to model theirs, and I can only dream of having as much class as Kate has in her pinky toe.
7. Facebook needs to stop changing. Enough said.
8. I’m beginning to dislike my husband’s job more with every passing day. It’s nice that I can talk to him, and that he’s not in danger, but crickets the unknowns are beginning to pile up. I suppose that that’s the military life for you, but it’s the most annoying thing ever when you’re a person who likes to have a plan, and control. M says that I’ll grow out of it, and I’ll learn to handle it. I know that there is nothing that I can do about it, but this paragraph of whining has made me feel better. A little.
9. Coffee is my new best friend. Without it, I’d be insane.
10. I seriously married the best man on the planet. He was up with Shannon from 11-3 last night, so that I could get some sleep. He’s a hero in more ways than one. Or two. Or fourteen.
11. I don’t hate anybody, and I don’t judge people based on their past. Unless they didn’t something REALLY bad, like murder or rape. If you did that, your a scumbag and my view on your will never change. Luckily I don’t surround myself with those kinds of people. I surround myself with my muchkin and my husband, because I really don’t have a ton of friends. I go for quality, not quantity.
That’s really it, for now. I’m sure there is more floating around in there, but being able to dump it all out onto this page has really made my brain feel a little bit emptier, so that it can fill right back up again.   
Off to tend to screaming baby (no I don’t let her scream so that I can write this… that would be just wrong) and my screaming stomach. Milking like a dairy cow makes a girl HUNGRY!


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