Poetin & Rap

The horseworld can really make me sick sometimes. People can get foggy eyed when it comes to money, and unfortuantly the people with the most amount of money are the ones that call the shots. Those people are not typically horse people. That usually isn’t good news for the horses.
I read a blog post a little while back about a mare named Poetin. You can read the reader’s digest version on that site. The basic idea of it is that the owners of this mare went bankrupt, and hid the mare from the bank. When the bank found and siezed her, she was lame. She was then sent to auction and filled with steriods so that she wouldn’t appear so. Her mild lameness was said to be a mild injury to the seasmoid bone. When she arrived at her new home, 10 hours away, it was discovered that she was drastically lame and while her new owners tried their hardest to save her, she developed lamanitis (to the point where her hooves started to fall away) and had to be put down. She was cloned, and her eggs flushed. Her clone, a filly, is living in France.
My boss and I were talking about this a little bit tonight during chores and she agreed with me that the horse industry can be so full of sick people. The bank that owned the mare after she was discovered are the ones that filled her with steriods in order to make the sale. The mare’s life and well being was blatently shoved aside for an amount of money. I’m not a PETA fanatic, but this is just plain wrong. The bank was obviously not equine friendly, and I am glad that the final owners of the mare have sued the bank. The 10 hour trailer ride would have been torture for the mare, not to mention being ridden and shown at auction. It really makes me sick.
All this took place back in 2005, and I know that I’m way behind the times, but it made me angry enough to want to blog about it, to get it out of my head.
On another, more spoiled note, I got to go do chores tonight at the barn, and Wil was actually snuggly tonight!
She wasn’t even trying to bite me!
When she had her filly last spring, I was the one person in the barn that she would chase out of her stall, teeth bared and ears pinned. I couldn’t even feed her in the morning without using the ‘bob and weave’ method.
Now she’ll snuggle (for about 20 seconds) from time to time, and I make sure to never take advantage of our time. Gotta love those mares, eh?
Somebody asked me a few weeks ago, if my horse were a type of music, what type would she be?
I shrugged and grunted a little bit, but tonight as I was be-bopping along to Pandora Radio on my iPhone, while cleaning stalls, the answer hit me.
If Willow were a type of music, she’d be rap.  
Usually fast paced… Willow is the one rocketing around her paddock at a million miles an hour.
Full of bad words… It’s not very often that I’m around Willow when the ‘f’ word isn’t flying. “Ow! You F*$&% wench, don’t bite me.” “Willow, would you just f*$*# SLOW DOWN?” “Don’t f*$&#^ kick me you wench!” You get the idea.
Not something you want around your kids… She’s a mare. A hot mare. A huge mare.
You usually can’t fall asleep around it.. rap because it’s loud, Willow because you’ll more than likely end up dead, missing a limb, or feeling very humble at the least.
If you can drown out the words, and focus on the beat, it’s not so bad…. Willow IS an amazing mare, you just have to get past her ‘tude.
It inspires you to move… Nothing lights your fire like 16.3+ hands of teeth coming at your face.
I love her to death though. I mean really… just look at her!
I’ll shut up about my perfectly opiniated mare now.
In other news, Shannon is fussy as ever, but we’re taking it all in stride. She’s growing like a weed, and that’s great news. She’ll be mellow as long as I’m holding her. When I put her down, all hell breaks loose, and lordy can that kid scream! It makes peeing a challange for sure. Motherhood is great, and M makes the sleepless nights a little bit easier. We don’t have a schedule, but the bumpkin will only be a month on Monday. I don’t have expectations at this point, other than just enjoying her. Our house is pretty much clean, the baby is happy, and I’m learning to love coffee. 
All in all, life is great! I can’t complain at all.
I’m off to spend way to much money on a new sheet for the Willow-monster, and enjoy some QT with my book!  


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