Weekend Catch Up & One Month Monday!

We’ve been busy bees!
Saturday we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and did a little bit of shopping in town. I had to get Wil a new sheet for the warmer weather, and some polos since it’ll be time to get back to work! We also kept up the hunt for my ATC gown, but no luck still. All the ones that I like are too expensive to just be worn once, and all the ones that are in my price range are ugly, or don’t fit. We’ll find one soon I hope, we still have about a month to go.
I also got to test out my sling at the Home Show we went to (admission was free, and M wanted to go and see the tractors. He’s such a kid at heart.) and it was PERFECT! No trying to push through crowds with a stroller, or navigate tight spaces. I loved it. Shannon loved it too, she curled right up and slept the entire time.

I don’t think that I would use it if I brought her clothes shopping, or to the barn, but it’s great if you’re just going to be walking around, or I’m trying to get stuff done around the house and she’s fussing. She likes the sound of the vacuumm cleaner so the next time she’s fighting a nap, I’m going to test it out.
M also found his dream piece of farm equipment.
It could be all his for the low price of $15K. I’d rather have a new horse, but I did admit that it looked pretty mean.
We also (finally) got a U.S. Army flag for the house. I’ve been wanting one for forever.
Sunday M’s Mom came up to visit with Shannon so I went shopping with my Mom for a new top for a work function that I have to go to with M at the end of the month. We also have a piano recital for my sister’s boyfriend on the same day, so it’d have to double. We didn’t have much luck though. Shannon on the other hand, got lucky and we found her the CUTEST dress for the recital and possibly easter if we can’t find anything else. The cute little poofy dresses are $40 each, and I can’t justify spending that much on something that she’s going to wear maybe twice, and probably puke/poop on. I also hit up the grocery store, since our cupboards are a bit bare, and I came across this stuff…
It’s DELISH! 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs, 0 everything… and only 3 ingredients that I could pronounce! It’s super yummy, and not over powering at all. No nasty after taste or anything! I’m hoping I can find it in case form at Costco. They have a bunch of other flavors, but I was really wanting chocolate and this did the trick nicely! Yum, yum, yum!
I came home, unloaded and then turned around to the barn to clean up Wil and drop off her new duds. It was too warm for her to actually WEAR her blanket, but it’s supposed to cool off again towards the end of the week. We also got through a whole mane re-do and a dirt knock off on the cross-ties, like a grown-up horse. When we attempted to trim up her billy goat beard, however, this happened….
And my damn clippers broke. She struck them right out of my hand the *beep*. I attempted to lay down the law, and slipped.
The end result, however:
Looking a touch like a mule.

Cookies make EVERY expression better.

She thinks she’s pretty clever, but at least her mane is shorter, and she’s not covered head to toe in mud. I was looking at some of the pictures that I took of her, and she really looks like a gelding I used to ride when we lived in Hawaii, named Vinny. Same color and markings, he was just taller by about 2 inches. I’ll have to have M take a picture the next time he is down, so you can see how tall she really is!
Guess who was 1 MONTH NEW on Monday!
That’s right! This bundle of adorable!
She’s growing by leaps and bounds, sleeping through the night (almost), and is full of more and more smiles everyday! I love her to death, and wouldn’t trade being her Momma for the world.
We spent her 1 month birthday driving all over the state visiting a friend whose son was in the hospital to have his tonsils out. That little boy was SUCH a trooper!
We also got the rest of her gDiapers, visited her Daddy at work, AND went to Dancing with the Stars where she discovered an intense love for ceiling fans. A very full birthday day!

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