Pretty much, I have none.
I got rolling on this post, but deleted it all, because it just sounded wrong. Sticky. Not me.
I need to find some serious motivation to get back into shape. I don’t want to obsess over eating clean and sticking to work out schedules however. That always leaves me feeling worse than when I started, because I never seem to be able to stick to any of it, and I feel like a failure.
Willow’s maybe, but not mine.
I need to get motivated to get back into shape, so that I can set a good example for Shannon, and really I can’t expect my horse to compete like an athlete if I’m not physically there either.
It’s time to hit the pavement, and take my mother up on her offer of watching the baby for a little bit (until she’s big enough for a jogger) so I can get a run in, even though I HATE running on the pavement. M would be a wonderful running buddy, I’m sure, but honestly I’m embarressed that he’ll smoke the hell out of me. My self-esteem is SO fragile when it comes to all things working out, it’s almost pathetic. I’m my worst critic, by far.
Really, I started like this…
14 weeks!

Got to look like this…
40 Weeks

Now I look like this…

6 Weeks PP

There is a little extra jiggle, and I’ve got a few stretch marks. I really can’t complain.


I’m hoping that by blogging about my adventures, I’ll hold myself more accountable. A few miles on the pavement a couple times a week isn’t going to kill me. I don’t have to blast back into work like it’s what I do because its really not. I am, however, going to put myself on a schedule. Maybe getting a few Zumba DVDs, Netflix yoga, and a run 3-4 times a week won’t be a bad thing. I’m not setting any goals, I just want the motivation to be a little healthier.  
M and I have a mutual friend (well she was his best friend first, but she’s pretty much one of the most amazing people that I know. I’m SO lucky and blessed to have gotten to know her) and she balances a full time job, a 4 y/o, and still manages to run, and make the MOST amazing meals ever. I need a little bit of whatever she’s on. In all seriousness, I really want to try to use her as a role model. When I start whining to myself, I need to think… look at what a badass she is and she never bitches. I need to shut the hell up, and just do it so I can be half as badass as her.
Reading a few of her Facebook posts are really what have got me rolling on all this…so if you ever read this girl, you know who you are!
Thanks and I love you!
It doesn’t really get much cuter than this.

M and Shannon…so cute. Lucca…photobombing.

Yea. We made her. Boom!

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