We all have things that we’ve worked hard, have given things up for, and that we are so proud of! Even the simplest things to some people are something worth bragging about.
This post, I REALLY want to brag about my amazing husband. So I’m going to. 🙂
The past month, Mike has been away at Station Commander School, and today was his graduation! I’m so proud of him stepping up and adding this tool to his box. He was given the oppurtunity so he grabbed it with both hands and ran! Isn’t that what part of being in the Army is about? Defending your country AND bettering yourself?
Not only did he use his time to apply himself to his classes, but he also used it to better himself physically. I was constantly getting ‘at the gym’ texts as well as updated mile times. He’s offically better than me in most aspects (Except breastfeeding… I still hold the torch there, thankyouverymuch.).
Every challange that he recieved at school, he took and exceed his own expectations.
I’m so freakin’ proud of him.
Yea, it was only a month…but he’s my husband and I’m allowed to gush about his acheivements…as long as I comply to OPSEC and PERSEC.
Things at home weren’t quite so smooth sailing, but I’m thankful that I was able to pick up the phone and call him. I’m so grateful for him being able to listen to me grump/cry over the phone when the baby was screaming until all hours of the night. So many spouses (military and non) out there don’t get that luxury when their husband’s are gone and my hat is off to them! I’m proud of you, as you should be proud of yourselves!
I’m proud of myself for getting through it.
What the future has in store for us is up in the air, as is usual. Our first PCS as a family looms close on the horizon, that’s known for sure.
Perhaps OCS….then a deployment or two for sure…nobody knows.
I do know that no matter what the circumstances, the pride and love that I feel for my husband isn’t going anywhere, no matter what the situation is. I think that that is really what being a spouse is about. Military or non.
PCS, schools, deployments….bring it on world.
We’ve so got this!
I love you honey, and your girls are so proud of you. I wish we could have been there to see you graduate!

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