The Big Reveal

It’s been a pretty tame week here so far. A lot of Army Wives is being watched. Memorial Day this weekend means a four day weekend for Michael, and a trip to NH for the family.
Yesterday was a pretty fun day for us Jones girls. Shannon rolled over twice, however I couldn’t manage to get anything on video. She’s really digging the large amounts of tummy time, and only really wants to be held when she’s eating.
This Momma feels pretty used.
We’re starting on the whole teething adventure, so I decided that it might be a good idea to run and pick up more children’s tylenol to have on hand. Shannon was wide awake when we pulled up to the gas station, so I decided to carry her in, instead of keeping her in her car seat. She loves to flirt and look around. Who am I to deny her that?
We got what we went in for, plus a coke for Mom. My hands were beyond full, and Shannon was having a great time playing with the lace on my tank top. She’s really loving discovering different textures.
She was having such a great time, that she was working on bringing the lace into her mouth. As we got to the register, didn’t that little bugger lose control of her hand, and instead of pulling the lace into her mouth it went down instead.
My bra went with it.
Yup. My kid pulled my boob out.
The whole kit n’caboole popped right out and I’m not sure who got more red. The little boy behind the register or me.
Of course, my hands were full of baby and extra stuff, and I think I almost dropped Shannon in my rush to unload stuff onto the counter, so that I could put the ‘wild one’ back into her proper place.
Not a word was exchanged between the cashier and I, and I’ve never been checked out faster.
Needless to say, I’ll be wearing turtlenecks for the rest of the summer, and we won’t be going back there anytime soon!
I love being a Mom….

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