What It Means.

I was going to post this yesterday, but spending time with the family took a front seat.
We had a great weekend, filled with both our family! Shannon got to meet her Great Grandparents on Mike’s side, and we took tons of pictures, which I’ll post later.
While the weekend was about bbq’s, time off work, soaking up the sun, and adult beverages for the majority of the population, Memorial Day is special for all of those that have been, or still are, military.
I made sure to take a few moments to remember those who have served and lost for our country. The men and women who left behind wives, daughters, sons, husbands, mothers, fathers, and friends to fight for the very things that give me the ability to own this blog. That give all of us the ability live in the freedom that we so enjoy.
I hope you all took a moment to remember those brave men and women who gave or are willing to give their lives for you, even though they don’t even and probably never will know you.
My husband is my hero because of the job that he has done in defending our country. He’s an amazing father, husband, son, and brother.
So I hope that you all took a moment to find the nearest service member and shake their hand. I hope that you all took a moment to bow your head in silence to remember the REAL meaning behind Memorial Day. I hope that you reached out to a Gold Star family if you know one, or gave a hug to a spouse who has the love of their life deployed right now. While we’re enjoying beers and burgers, they are over there dumping sand out of their boots and sleeping with their rifles.
Freedom isn’t free… and I hope that you all remember what it means, because some gave all.

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