It’s Friday!

Which means that I probably should get on with re-capping last weekend. Something tells me that this weekend isn’t going to be as exciting.
Thank goodness!
Since Mike has come home, we haven’t had a quiet weekend to ourselves. I’d love to sneak some barn time in though. πŸ™‚
Last weekend was a 4 day for Mike, which meant traveling for us. We went down (up? across?) to NH to visit his family so that Shannon can meet her GreatGrandpas! I love spending time with family, and it’s always fun to introduce the baby to more of them.

We had a great lunch, and played a few games of pool. Shannon was a champ the entire visit, but decided that when it was time to go, it was time to go NOW. The drive is about an hour and a half, so we try to plan in around her morning and afternoon naps. Now that she’s getting older, she gets bored a lot faster, which means screaming in the carseat. We try to avoid that as much as possible. This weekend was great, she slept all the way down and all the way back. Go baby go!
Sunday was spent grocery shopping, and keeping the wee one entertained so that Mike could get some school work done. Monday was the same, except I wandered off to my folks house for most of the day. We ended up having dinner there, and it’s always fun when the whole family gets together. My sister was home for the summer, and she was excited to see Shannon (who wouldn’t be!). Mike and Dixie came down later in the afternoon, and my Mimmie came up as well. Fun was had by all!
Tuesday was the storm from h*ll! It was the most insane weather I’ve ever seen in my very short life. We’re talking tornado warnings, sideways rain, and me having a complete anxiety attack and locking everybody in the bathroom. Animals included. I was prepared for the worst, and convinced that Shannon and I would soon be re-enacting The Wizard of Oz.
This was at 3 in the afternoon… it got dark QUICK.

Luckily the worst of it only lasted about an hour and it helped to cool things off. The southern part of the state seemed to get the worst of it, and a few tornados were even sited!
The rest of the week has been pretty non-entertaining. Shannon has managed to keep my boobs covered in public (thank you, child). We’re going through a MAJOR growth spurt and combine that with the ability to roll over and sleep is lacking.
I don’t do well on no sleep, but luckily Mike is home now, so he’s able to take over a few night wake-ups. We’re back to being up every couple of hours, either because she’s hungry or she’s managed to flip herself over in her sleep and she HATES sleeping on her back. Luckily she’s up, eating, and back to bed within a half hour but the interrupted sleep messes with a Mommy’s head.
We’re finally able to front face in her front pack, and she’s enjoying family walks much more now.
Mike gets really exciting about baby wearing, can’t you tell?
Yesterday I got to sneak in some barn time, and gave Willow a much needed beauty treatment. The lighting was wonderful, so I got a bit snap happy with my camera. She’s just the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time…
Her mane pre-beautifying…also observe Rio’s shadow ‘sneaking’ up on me, and Mica’s shadow coming up for a snuggle behind.
After her beauty treatment… I LOVE those dapples!!


I’m still in total shock. πŸ™‚ She was a champ for her day of beauty, and I enjoyed having the barn to myself. It was so quiet and lovely!
Shannon also got to go to her Auntie’s Lacross game, where she was the star of the post game huddle. When Abby brought her down to join the rest of the team, you could hear to collective ‘Awwww’ from the girls. I’m hoping none of them got any ideas…
Her picture is also going to be in the paper. πŸ™‚
She’s a star already! I love it.

How can that face not be though?
And finally, if you haven’t had enough of my excessive pictures in this post. We went for a little drive yesterday, and I’m now convinced that we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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