Post Title…Because I’m Creative Like That.

I have a hard time getting over this face….
This one isn’t bad either… 😉

The man is a recruiting machine… the baby amuses herself with the hokey pokey.

Dixie’s on the leash skill(z) are really starting to improve…we’ve even been able to take our nightly family walks without the EasyWalk Harness, and it’s awesomesocks. Good training? Ha! I think she’s just maturing.

Dixie attempted to oversee the process, but everybody was having a rough time focusing…

The movie selection proved to be too stressful, however…

And so the girls decided to take a nap, after a puking incident occurred. Gettin’ into ‘the milk’ and partyin’ all night takes it’s toll on a girl….apparently.

She thinks she’s pretty hot stuff now… and she is.
She thinks that she’s hot stuff too…but she’s mostly just an idiot who eats tampons out of my purse.
I apologize for the use of the word idiot, Lainey.
Remind me to take a picture of the tiki-turd…and also to call Directv and cancel our subscription to all the movie channels.
Oh, and to remember to buy wormer.


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