Yea, that pretty much sums up my life for the past week.
The teething monster has hit our house full force and has brought a lot of frustration with it. I can’t seem to get anything done without some major drama from the miniture unit. That’s being a Mom though. I used to think that I was pretty even tempered…not anymore.
Last Monday, Shannon and I had our first Water Babies class at the pool and it was a lot of fun! Shannon loved being in the water and so did I!

There were more younger babies than older, and we sang songs and practiced our kicking mostly. We’re pros at kicking. Mike was there to watch the whole thing go down, and I’m excited to go back tonight! We have way more pictures than is normal.
The rest of the week zoomed by in a blur of errand running, and shopping. Somebody grew out of her clothes overnight it seems like.
Saturday we had my little sister’s high school graduation! It was a lot of fun to be back at my old stomping grounds and to see a few of my old teachers. Everybody around us was enamored with Shannon, but I’m not sure if the same goes for her.
She preferred to just take a nap on Nana. It was great to have all the family in one place, though, and we’re all pretty proud of my sister!!
It was a bit bittersweet for my parents, however, as it was their last high school graduation! Their house is going to be very quiet in the fall!
We also took the oppurtunity to get a 4 generation picture, while all the family was in one place. I thought that was pretty nice, and we always love the oppurtunity to take pictures!!
Me, Lainey, Mom, Abby.
Mimmie, Shannon, and Grandma!
Take note of how I’m not only the oldest and most underdressed (I had to do chores that afternoon as well…not so fun in a dress and heels) but I am also offically the shortest.
After chores were done and graduation was thoroughly celebrated, we loaded back up and headed to St. Johnsbury to particiapte in the Relay for Life!
I’ve never been to one, and it was a very sobering experience. We got there just as they were doing an hour of silence, and seeing all the remembrance bags lit up was very emotional for a lot of people, including myself. I think I was swallowing the lump in my throat for the entire hour. Mike’s Nana and Aunt passed away from cancer, so it was really important to him that we go. His Mom works the event with her team every year. After the hour of silence passed the fun really began! They had a live band, poker walk, AMAZING raffles, and the MC was pretty hilarious. We walked for about two hours and Shannon was a trooper the entire time!
After some minor drama and some puke on the way home, we stumbled in the door at an obscene hour and all fell into bed. Shannon woke up at 5 and I brought her into bed (something I hardly ever do anymore) and we all snuggled until almost 11! A great start to Mike’s first Father’s Day!
We spent the rest of the day as a family, and got caught up on the laundry while Shannon napped the rest of the day away. We hit up Chilie’s for an early dinner, and then walked around The Christmas Tree Shop (read: my favorite store on the entire planet) for a little bit while Shannon fell asleep…again. I’m really starting to get big on using mason jars in the kitchen to store things like sugar, flour, coffee, etc., so we picked up a few of those and we also got Shannon a beach tent! It’s supposed to be about 90 the next few days, and while Mike gets to hang out in the air conditioned comfort of his office, we girls have to tough it out at the beach. Since Shannon is still too young to use sunscreen, the $16 tent was something that I’ve had my eye on!
Today has been so beyond hectic, I’m not even going to take the time to type out a post, as we’ve got about 20 minutes to eat and get changed before heading off to swim class!

Tell me what you think!

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