4 Months!

Holy crap!
I can’t believe that our little peanut is 4 months old today. It seems like just yesterday we were loading her up and bringing her home from the hospital.
She’s growing so quickly into her own little person!
She is so in love with her Daddy, as soon as he walks into the room and starts talking, her little head whips back and forth until she can see him, then she just stares at his handsome face and smiles! It seriously melts a Momma’s heart! She loves to play with him, and he has been dubbed ‘The Baby Whisperer’. He can usually always get her to sleep, no matter what the situation. She loves being ‘up high’ in his arms and will protest rather loudly when he sits down.
She’s mastering the inch worm when we put her down on her belly, and is great at using her legs and head (?) to push/pull herself to her destination. We’re still a bit unsure as to where she’s aiming, but she gets pretty proud of herself! She’s rolling from her belly to her back like a champ, and Mike gets a kick out of it everytime. She can get from her back to either side, but her shoulder seems to prohibit her from getting all the way back over. When we put her down, we usually have to reset her within 10 minutes because she’s worked her way off the quilt and onto the carpet. Rug burn would be no fun!
We’re full fleged into the teething, and she’s got two little bumps on her gums right where her canines will be. Our little vampire baby! We’ve managed to keep ‘most’ of the hysterics in check with Orajel Naturals, Tylenol, and The Baby Whisperer. She’s been taking more naps, and sleeping in a bit longer in the morning. Frozen washclothes are also a big help, and she loves to chew on them while watching an episode of Sesame Street.
She’s still waking up once during the night to have a snack and is up for the day around 7, but welcomed her 4 month birthday by snoozing until almost 930!
As she’s getting older, I’ve noticed that we can loosen up on her schedule a little bit more. We still go with the flow, but keep a loose idea of when we want to her her to bed/for naps by. If we have a long day, like we did this past Saturday, I let her take the next day to recoup and sleep as much as she wants. My general rule of thumb is to not ever wake her up from a nap or in the morning. I think it’s important to give her body the extra rest that it needs to help handle the teething/growing that she’s going through. She will NOT miss a meal, so I don’t worry that she’s not eating enough. As a result we have a happy girl! I’ve gotten really good at listening to her cues, and can usually tell what a tired cry vs. hungry cry vs. wet diaper cry is.
Lucca is pretty helpful too. 😉
Yup. Still breathing Mom.
We’re learning that anything she can reach will go in her mouth, no questions asked. Her favorite things to munch on, besides her washcloth, are my debit card, money of any sort, her fingers, and the dog’s ear. We try to keep them all (with the exception of her fingers) out of her mouth. She’s quick though!
Nursing is still easy as pie, and really doesn’t even need an update. When the kid is hungry. She eats. That’s it. I’m very proud that she’s never had a drop of formula, and I intend to keep it that way. I’ve been thinking about starting her on solids, but she hasn’t shown many of the signs and I don’t feel that I need to push them on her. I’m excited to start though, as my plan is to skip over the traditional rice cereal and go right into baby led weaning. We all know that the best laid plans can be broken, and I’m staying flexible. 🙂
Shannon is also working on her vocabulary, and has started to yell when she gets really excited about something. We took her grocery shopping yesterday, and she panted and yelled the whole time. I also snagged some video for your viewing pleasure, because I happen to think that it’s freakin’ adorable!
Yes. I know. It’s 4 minutes long.
This one is a touch shorter. 🙂
It’s been a great 4 months so far, and I mean it when I say I can’t wait to see what month 5 brings!


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