Just Keep Swimming…

I’ve decided that that’s become the theme of this week.

It started with a bang, and is now ending with quite a loud, obnoxious noise as well.

Monday started out with the day from hell. If a wrench could be thrown in the works, it was.

  • Shannon was a pill the entire morning at the barn so I ended up leaving an hour early, and not accomplishing a thing.
  • My cat was diagnosed with herpes, and I now have the pleasure of wrangling her twice a day to put drops in her eyes and shove a pill down her throat.
  • Milo somehow caught and dragged a live bird into the house. I opened all the doors and windows before finally managing to corral the thing in the bathroom, stun it with a blast from the shower head, and tackle it, football style, with a popcorn bowl. He did this 20 minutes before we had to leave for the vet. Dixie got so excited she peed all over the floor.
  • Shannon screamed the entire time.
  • Mike grabbed the wrong pair of pants, so away we went to bring him a new pair at the office, almost an hour away from the house.
  • Shannon screamed the entire car ride, then pooped up her back when we got there.
  • We made it exactly .02 miles down the road, when I couldn’t take the screaming anymore. I pulled over in the B&N parking lot to nurse her before I pulled all my hair out.
  • Dixie, who came along for the ride, spotted another dog walking down the road. She totally lost her bologna and proceeded to pin-ball around the car, whining and barking, and just acting like a total fool.
  • Shannon decided there was too much action going on to eat, so she just screamed instead.
  • I give in and go into B&N to buy myself a book, as a reward for my hard work.
  • Shannon screamed the entire time, and all the way home.

Luckily we had Water Babies, and that was enjoyed by everybody. Mostly by me, because I found out that it’s free!! Nothing is better than finding out that something you enjoy immensely is free as well. Whoop!

The rest of the week is has been far too hot for any troubles, although Shannon is on a nap strike and if I get one good one a day I’m lucky. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the heat. She’s also getting really good at fighting bed time, and fusses enough through to night to keep me awake, but not enough to warrent going in and waking her up all the way.

She pretty much sums it up.

To add the icing to our already funky looking cake, Willow has tested positive for Lyme. Gah.

Luckily it’s treatable. 90 Doxycyline tablets a day, for the next 6 weeks. I found cheap(er) bottles at Rood & Riddle Pharmacy.

What have I learned this week?

  •  I’m lucky that Lucca’s issues aren’t huge and that I have the resources now to make her comfortable.
  •  I’m lucky to be part of an understanding group of people, who don’t mind holding crazy mare to get her feet done, because my kid is a hellion.
  •  I’m lucky to have a child who is beautiful and healthy enough to cause a ruckus.
  •  I’m lucky to have the oppurtunity to stay home with her and deal with the hard situations. 
  •  I’m lucky to have the ability to rock her to sleep, and provide her with comfort that she needs.
  •  I’m lucky to have a dog that provides me with company during the days when I am home alone.
  •  I’m lucky to have the extra few dollars to go into B&N and buy a book for myself.
  •  I’m lucky to have a husband who is so supportive, and allows me to complain to him, even when he can’t physically help out.
  •  I’m lucky to have Willow, even if she can’t be ridden, or all the goals that I have set for us seem to be utterly unreachable at the moment.
  • I’m lucky that we have the resources to treat her Lyme, and that we caught it before things turned yucky.

I guess that the best part of this week, was everything that didn’t go right. I really was able to pull the positive out of all the messy situations, instead of giving into the overwhelming crappyness of it all and throwing myself one, large, week long pity-party.

Next week is a new week, and this weekend brings some family time, some barn time, and some shopping!

And hopefully more cooking with the ‘girls’ as well!

What more could I ask for! 

I’m just so lucky.


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