It’s been a rough week for my perfect little (big) pony.

Last week, we had her tested for Lyme, since there has been a massive outbreak in our area this summer. On Monday, her Titer number was 1600, which is what they call chronic positive. The easiest method of Lyme treatment is twice a day dosage with a drug called Doxycycline. You treat for 6 weeks. Of course because of the massive outbreak, all the pharmacies are out. After two hours of phone calls, the uh-mazing staff at Roode & Riddle were able to wrangle me the 8 bottles that I needed, saving Mike and I almost $100. Whoop!

Treatment was started and all was well… until this morning. Willow came in for her breakfast, and I noticed that she was overly stiff, sore, and very wobbly behind. Not good. A call was placed to our vet, and after looking her over, the awesome Dr. Phil deduced that she had a simple absess in her right front. Talk about a relief. My brain had me thinking that she had some wonky neuro symptoms because of the Lyme.

The suggested treatment for an absess is a soak in a warm epsom salt bath. Observe:

Step 1:

Prepare soaking tub before dragging horse out. Coax giant lame mare around in a circle. Watch giant mare eyeball soaking tub. Begin prayer.

Step 2:

Beg giant mare to pick up foot. Curse at husband for taking unflattering picture of your backside. Assure giant mare that cursing was not directed at her, and continue begging giant mare to lift foot.
Step 3:
Give giant mare pats. Encourage her to keep her foot in the bucket.
Step 4:

Drag bucket to where giant mare has moved. Curse husband again. Thank the foot soaking gods giant mare did not tip bucket over and spill the water you had to heat up cup by cup in the coffee pot you were convinced was going to burn the place down.

Step 5:

Good Girl!!

Step 6:

Provide entertainment in the form of a small child in a front pack. (Yea, this horse is going to be in our family forever after this picture… I love them all!!)
Step 7:

Laugh as giant mare falls asleep and begins to drool. Become hysterical when drooling is followed by snoring.

Step 8:

Hold the ^*$#*! foot in the %*#&#(! bucket. Just kidding… take foot out after 20 minutes, give lots of kisses and snuggles. Promise a good graze outside.

Step 9:

Shake head at husband, who has decided to adorn your child with some weird looking ‘flower’ he claims is ‘clover’. Express surprise when ‘flower’ actually stays in child’s hair, and doesn’t end up in her mouth, like 12 million other things.
Step 10:

Tuck giant mare into her house for the night, and oogle awesomeness and the size of those ears!

Rinse and repeat these steps once a day for 1-2 weeks!

It also helps to have an AWESOME mother, who will help with the childcare aspect of the day, while you are running to and fro like a chicken without a head. Buy her lunch, and remind her often of her awesomeness! Also, make sure to express much gratitude for her air conditioning, artichoke dip, and general baby whispering skill(z). Love you, Mom!!


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