Busy Bee

I haven’t been around much lately, and for that I do apologize! I’ll explain why later this weekend. Mike and I have been busy as bees over the past ten days!

Thanks for sticking around, if you read this blog on the regular! I know there are some of you out there, seeing as how I have over 2,000 hits! Not a lot compared to some of the others that I follow, but little ‘ole me is pretty excited over the whole thing.

Shannon is doing fantastic! We discovered an allergy to amoxicillin this week, and I’m a bit perturbed with her doctor’s office. Three days and three phone calls later, I still have no response from them about the goings on. I either can’t get through to their office, get put on hold for over 20 minutes (unacceptable, in my opinion…at least check back in), or they just plain don’t return my calls. We’ve had great service otherwise, but I’m starting to wonder if a switch might be in order. I don’t want to mess around with allergies but their approach is lacking. Three strikes and your out, right?

If any of y’all have tried to leave comments but couldn’t, I apologize! I just realized the settings were all screwed up. I’ve opened them up, but any and all nasty notes will be deleted.

I’m off to tend to my littlest side kick! Hope you all have a great day, and look out for a monster post here by the end of the weekend!



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