Family Time!

First of all, I’m posting this from the trusty iPhone using the WordPress app. Let’s see how well this goes!

Mike’s job keeps him pretty busy, and we really value our family time. Even more so now that we have Shannon. We like to run errands together, grocery shop, and try to go out to lunch, even if it’s just the $4 Chinese food buffet.


We suited up for a day out together, and had a blast, even if it was just cheap (but delish) Chinese food, and grocery shopping. It’s so nice to have Mike around for that stuff and face it, grocery shopping with a bambino is much easier with two people!

Mike even submitted to a goofy picture in the truck while we were pumping gas!


On my quest for new tank tops (the dryer eats at least one a day), I ended up with one, three pairs of workout shorts (yay for JcPenny sales!!), and Mike had to tear me away from these babies;


I almost put them on, but then saw two middle school girls toddling around and giggling, so I refrained. In retrospect I should have just done it. I mean just look at those suckers!

We finished the day with chores, since Saturday is one of my days. We brought Dixie along, and that dog has made leaps and bounds. She used to be so naughty, but now she comes right when I call her. She’ll come tearing over and sit at my feet. I make a huge deal over the whole thing and then release her. Big change!

Willow also got ridden, and was her usual grouchy, but wonderful, self.


Things are far from perfect, Willow is a pretty opinionated mare. We worked more on steering and she had a few wonderful moments of really relaxing and stretching downward into the bridle. My job is to sit quietly, guide her towards those moments, and praise her when she gives them to me. We do get stuck, but she’s learning to move forward with less and less attitude.

She’s also getting quite round. I looked at the photos from today and laughed pretty hard.


I believe we used the term “glowing” when she was pregnant.

I’ll leave y’all at that! I got a handsome guy, a good book, and a glass of Moscato waiting for me!


Have a fantastic night!


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