Weekend Adventures!

As I mentioned on Saturday, we love the weekends. Having Mike home is extra special and we try to make the most of them. I want to make sure that the blog doesn’t start to take over, so I won’t be blogging on Sundays. 🙂 I hope you all understand!

Yesterday I got to sleep in (score!) and then we made a run to the barn to pull Willow’s blanket off. It was supposed to rain that night, so I put it on after I rode her Saturday night. I know it can be a pain to take on and off while she’s eating so I wanted to do it myself. Turns out B is awesome, and had already done it for me. We wandered out while Shannon snoozed in the air conditioned Jeep and gave her an apple core and a quick scratch.

Then we went home, had an early lunch and loaded up to go to the Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event! We got in free (score one for the military) and had a great time walking around, visiting all the booths and taking in all the sights. Dixie got to test out the agility course and was a pro! I gave her one hotdog and she was Ms. Business. She flew over the A-Frame, fell onto the table (she was more focused on the hot dogs), went through the tunnel after some minor confusion (hot dog induced confusion), leaped the jump in a single bound, and was a total pro at the weave polls. Give that dog a hot dog, and she’s yours for life.

I was a little nervous at first, because she can be over excited in situations like that, but she was great. There were a few snippy dogs and she ignored them. She sat when I asked her to sit, walked quietly, and even allowed a little toddler to walk her around (I held onto her collar)! I was so pleased with her. She’s my girl through and through. I had some doubts, and anybody who rescues a dog says that the first year is the hardest. We’re past the 6 month mark with her, and she’s going to be one amazing girl.

Shannon was dressed for the occassion as well, donning the most adorable little body suit, pink shoes, and her matching sunglasses. 😉

Mikes’ Mom gifted us with a wonderful hiking backpack, since the front pack that we have doesn’t fit me at all. Shannon has been too small to use it, until recently, so we busted it out for this trip. I was nervous about having her in her stroller, since it’s right at dog level, but with the back pack she was safely up out of the way. It was awesome, and I plan on using it to do chores around the barn as well. She hung out in it for three hours while we walked around, and I didn’t hear her fuss once. She just took in all the sights. We agreed that the only bummer was that the buildings at the Museum wasn’t open to dogs, and we want to go back without Dixie and take full advantage of some of the things that it has to offer. It’s set up like an 1800’s village, with buildings, an old ferry, and train.

We finished up a lovely weekend with dinner at Applebee’s with Mikes’ parents, who were in town after a lovely vacation out West! They live a few hours away from us, so we love when we get to spend time with them. While we were waiting for them I found a pair of knockoff Sperry’s that I’ve been coverting (my sisters’ both have a pair, and I’m obsessed…when I found these I did backflips, and then started saving my pennies). When we were in the shoe store, they had a big air conditioner that was blowing out air at a fairly foor clip. Shannon thought it was a blast and leaned in so the wind could blow through her hair.

Today was low key, except I almost died from floor cleaner. I got a new Arm & Hammer carper cleaner to try, and had a very bad allergic reaction to the perfume. Luckily I was able to keep it under control with Benedryl and Mike was able to work from home to keep an eye on the situation, just in case.

I went to ride Willow this afternoon, but she has some sort of weird bug bites all along her belly. I’m almost wondering if she got into some nettles. It was nice to have some quiet time, while Mike stayed home with Shannon. I was also able to sit on another of B’s wonderful young ones, which is always a treat! Anybody want to form a syndicate?! 😉 Ryley was a lovely soul and did everything that I asked of him with no fuss. He’s a great guy and it was a breathe of fresh air from cranky Willow (who I am 100% confident will get over her attitude. The breeding on these two is so different-ish. Willow is by Michellino, Ryley is by Matador).

I’m off to enjoy a glass of Moscato (or as Mike calls it, Muscat) and a foot rub (maybe, if Shannon will go to bed).

Have a nice night, y’all!


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