Being a Dad.

*A big ‘ole thanks to my handsomest hubby for this post! I’m extremly exhausted, so y’all get to hear from himself tonight! Love you, honey! ❤ *

It’s been quite the 6 months.  It is pretty amazing how much a child can change things.  But in the end it is all worth it. It’s great to see her smile, and get her giggling.  It makes me proud to see her moving along through the learning steps at the rate that she is going.  Every new thing she learns she giggles about and thinks it’s hilarious.  It’s just nice to sit back and watch her enjoy what she has learned.  Before Shannon, I never stopped to think about what it took for a child to go from doing nothing but crying, puking, and pooping, to being able to hold her own bottle, chase the animals around on the floor, and figure out the maze of furniture to get to the one electrical cord that is still on the floor. The days turn into weeks, and into months.  But these past 6 months feel like one very long, and very rewarding day, all rolled into one exciting trip.  At the end of the day, when it’s time to say goodnight to a beautiful, healthy, giggly little girl, the problems of the day are forgotten.  All that matters is getting that one last smile before it’s time to hand her over for a quick snack and bed.    That’s pretty much how it feels to be a father.  And I’m very lucky to have such a great wife, who is the most caring mother I know.  By the time I leave in the morning, it could be anywhere between 12 and 18 hours before I see my girls again.  And I know that what is waiting for me is smiles, giggles, and love.


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