7 For 7!

Our little girl is 7 months old today! Big pats on the back to Mike and I for keeping her alive for this long.

She’s growing and changing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. She was 14lbs 4 oz and 23 3/4 inches long at her last doctor’s appointment, and handled her shots like a champ.

She’s so full of energy and gets into trouble fairly often. 😉 She’s figured out how to crawl, but prefers to drag herself along on her belly, since that gets her where she needs to go faster. I often picture the damage she could do if we hooked her up into one of those cat wheelchairs. She’d be motoring then! She’s into everything, and often will by pass her thousands of toys to get to paper, plastic bags, electrical wires, and the animals. She keeps Mike and I on our toes constantly.

She even “helps” with the laundry!

She’s learning how to pull herself up on things and loves to practice on Mike or I when we’re playing with her  on the floor. She’s able to stand right up. She is pretty quick to let go and thump down on her bottom after a nanosecond of wobbly balance. She’s pretty brave when Mom’s around. We had to lower her crib mattress, since she was getting pretty brave about pulling herself up on the bumper, then the crib railing.

Her doctor was pretty adament about taking her night nursings away, and we tried. It isn’t going so well. She is still up multiple times a night to eat. We’ve tried to have Mike go in and rock her back to sleep, but she’s not having any of it and she’ll just cry harder. She’s so active all day and still isn’t big into food (unless it’s soup. She loves soup.) so I’m not suprised she’s so hungry at night.

She is turning into a Momma’s girl, and it’s pretty clear when she needs something. She’ll wiggle to wherever I am, tug on my pant leg or ankle and whine until I pick her up. If anybody else has her, she’s usually staring right at me until I’m out of sight. The girl knows what she wants. I’m loving this stage, but I also can’t wait until she’s Daddy focused (which, since I stay at home with her, will probably never happen) so he can have that special connection with her too. It’s so heart warming when you realize that they are making that connection.

We’re still chugging right along with the breastfeeding, since she pretty much denies any sort of ‘grown-up’ food that we offer her (unless its soup, like I said). She’s had some GI issues, so we added 2oz of pear juice into her daily routine, and she’s a pro at holding her own bottle. She loves to lay on the floor, eat, and watch the outdoors. Her favorite spot to eat is right in front of the big sliding doors. She often watches Mike and I eat, and when we offer her small bites she’ll take it, make a face, then spit it back out. It’s hysterical and pretty messy. 🙂

One of my favorite things about watching her grow is the sounds. She’ll focus on a new one every few weeks or so and is getting really good at repeating the noises that we make. I know when something big is coming up, motor skills-wise, because she’ll stop making noise until the new motor skill is perfected. She’s currently rolling with the ‘fffff’ noise, screeching (always was her favorite), and Nana has taught her how to cluck (like you cluck to the horses). She be-bops around the house, clucking away. She’s like my own little chicken. My hands down favorite sound, though, is her laugh. If it’s a true belly laugh, she’ll snort, then laugh at herself snorting, then snort again. It’s a never ending cycle and I love it! It’s the most contagious sound ever.


Finally, one of her most favorite things (other than chewing on the animals) is to go for walks in her jogger. Because she’s so petite, her doctor said that it’s not safe to run with her in the jogger until she’s 8 months old (he said that that goes for most babies, regardless of size, but many women do it around 6 months. He said that it’s not the most comfortable for them, and their bodies have a hard time absorbing the bumps), but has okayed her to go for walks, and we go on a family stroll every night that we can. She loves to watch the sights, and gets a kick out of watching Dixie trotting along next to her. Now that the weather has gotten dramatically more fall-esque (thanks weather Gods!) we bundle her up to the eyeballs. She isn’t a fan of the getting dressed parts, but loves to walk!

Her coat is a little bit big… as you see in the picture at the top of this post… but it works!


Overall, it’s one heck of a ride. We have our moments of total frustration but those are quickly forgetten by the good times. We’re enjoying every step of the way and learning to roll with the difficult stages. We’re by no means perfect, and I’m never going to be a pro at this, but I like to think that we’re doing the best we can.


*Stayed tuned tonight for part 2 of the ‘whats in a horse?’ series. Shannon trumped that one. 🙂 *


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