Whats In A Horse? Part II

For the second part of this series, I’m going to use my husband, Mike, as the first time horse owner. Then I’m going to give three ‘for sale’ options. Finally, I’ll give y’all 24 hours to decide and comment on which horse you’d pick for him and why. I’ll post the correct answer tomorrow, with an explanation as to why. So lets go!

The Client: Mike is a 5’9, 170lb man. He is solidly built. He has been riding consistently for about 2 years, with no real formal training but under the supervision of his wife, who is a trainer. He is confident handling horses on the ground and comfortable at the walk, trot, and canter. Enjoys a horse with a good ‘go’ button. He will have access to a trainer if need be and the horse will be boarded at an established facility. Mike has a budget of $7,000 but can stretch to $8,000 if need be. He will be using the horse for trail riding 3-4 days a week and the occasional overnight ride on the weekend. Trails are anywhere between 2-5 miles long and hilly. Mike is located in Vermont.

Horse A: $5,000, 15 year old bay QH gelding. Currently being used as a school horse at a popular children’s camp. 15h and stocky build. Horse is advertised as bomb proof and goes out on the trail often. Needs hock injections to stay sound as well as front shoes. Has a history of choking if not properly managed. Quiet on the ground. Horse is located in Maine.

Horse B: $3,000, 6 year old chestnut Appendix mare. Being used as a barrel racer by teenage girl, but quiet on trails. 16h and average build. Advertised as a 4 out of 10 on the quiet scale but 100% bombproof. Needs no maintence, but wears 4 shoes. Can be hard to manage on the ground.  Horse is located in New York.

Horse C: $7,000, 10 year old paint gelding. Being used as an Extreme Cowboy trail horse, and wins often. Advertised as 100% bombproof. 14.3h and stocky build. Established cribber, but managed with a collar. Barefoot. Needs to be in semi-regular work to remain quiet. Sound with no prior medical history. Can be pushy on the ground with timid handler. Horse is located in Vermont.

Ready… go!

{In other news, I had an AMAZING ride on Willow tonight. She trotted off for the first time without attitude, and started to put herself together with hardly any direction. She has a huge stride and is going to be a real diamond. We’ve taken the long road, but it’s really paid off with her. Training routes are different with every horse, and the slow start has really worked with her. I’m hoping that Mike will be able to get some video tomorrow.}

{Also. None of these horses are meant to represent any horses that are currently being advertised. They are made up in my mind. Just sayin’. ;)}

Because I need a picture to go along with the link, enjoy this one of Willow attempting to get out of being caught. She’s the one walking away to go hide behind one of the other girls.


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