Carseats, Yo!

I’m going to preface this post with a short story.

My truck is haunted by the ghost of Elvis. I’m sure of this. I got in the other day and the radio was stuck in the Sirius XM Elvis station. It wouldn’t change no matter what I did. I turned the truck off, I pressed ALL the buttons. Still Elvis. Good thing I don’t mind him. It’s back to normal now, but whenever I get in I remember to say a quick ‘Hola!’ to the guy. I dont mind him fiddling with the radio, but I want to stay on friendly terms with him, so he doesn’t move on to important things. Like breaks or steering.

Its been a busy week for us girls around here. Mike is working a lot and Shannon has perfected this lovely skill…

I thought she was into everything before… I was so wrong. Because out little girl is growing so quickly, we’ve had to get her a new carseat. It’s a decision that both Mike and I agonized over for a pretty long time.

The safest thing for babies is to rear face them until they are 40lbs. Even though the law states one year AND (not OR) 20 lbs, after doing a lot of research and watching videos, we made our decision to rear-face her until 40. We needed a seat that would allow us to do that. We also needed a seat that would grow with her. Cost wasn’t a factor for us, because this is the #1 thing that we didn’t want to scrimp on.

We decided on this one : and we LOVE it. It allows us to rearface until 40, forward face until 65, and use as a booster until 100. The head pieces are adjustable, the recline is very easily adjustable, I really love how it snaps in and out of the LATCH clips which makes it a snap (haha!) to swap between rigs. The shoulder straps are very, very easy to adjust, and (even though it doesn’t really matter) I love the color. She sits up a little bit higher, which allows her to watch out the window, which has cut down on our tempertantrums by about half. 🙂

My only complaint is that Shannon seems to sweat in it a little bit more than she did her infant carrier, but it’s also much more padded of a seat.

Your carseat selection is pretty important, but HOW your little one is snapped in is extremly important as well. The following pictures(used with parental permission) are wonderful examples.

7.5 month old Jayce:

 3 year old Ethan:

The princess herself at 2 whole days old!

Clearly not thrilled about coming home from the hospital!


Why are these good examples?

  • The chest clips are at armpit level. Any lower than that, and in the event of a crash the clip is in danger of damaging internal organs. It’s called a chest clip for a reason.
  • Harness straps are snug. You should not be able to pinch any of the strap between your fingers, if you can it’s too loose.
  • All are wearing proper clothing. It’s easy in the summer time, but in the winter it can be tricky. Put your tyrant little darling in a thinner fleece layer, and put their winter jacket on backwards OVER the fastened straps. You can also use a blanket. Too many layers prohibit the straps from working correctly.
  • While Ethan is using protective padding, it is padding that is okay by the manufacturer and is thin enough that it doesn’t interfear with his strap snugness. Read in your manual about what you can and can’t use.
  • Remember to never buy a carseat used, or use one again after an accident. Carseats are to be considered ‘expired’ 6 years from the purchase date.

For more tips visit this site:

There are no excuses for slacking on your child’s safety. It’s our job as parents to educate ourselves about the things that will keep our children safe, and make decisions based on that education. There are oppurtunities all around us, we just have to take advatage of them, and as parents that should be a no brainer. Sadly, that’s not always the case, but I now understand why people take the time to try to educate my husband and I. 🙂

And always remember to buckle YOUR seatbelt. 😉


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