Hey! How are you?

I just wanted to bust out a quick post, gushing over a new company that I found via the Chronicle of the Horse forums.

www.horze.com is possibly the most amazing place, almost *gasp* even better than SmartPak. I think that the only thing that puts SmartPak in the lead, at this point, are their SmartPaks (Willow is on them and they are wonderfully convenient for everybody involved….including my checkbook) and their inventory. Their customer service is far above and beyond any that I have ever delt with, as well. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the company…


Horze offers amazing quality, for amazing prices. I was able to take advantage of a 50% off sale and got free shipping (both ways), but even if I hadn’t snagged my items on sale they still would have been a steal. I’ll be ordering more next pay period. ;).  I was able to purchase a new rain sheet and tendon boots for Willow and a lovely pair of breeches for me. I paid a little over $80. (!!!!!) I ordered on a Friday afternoon, and the box was on my doorstep before noon today.

Shannon and I happily cut the box open (I ran the scissors, she cheered me on) and while she rolled around in the paper filling that was on top, I delighted in my purchases!

The tendon boots:  http://www.horze.com/Horze-Tendon-Boots/19415,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_19415_color=DDB&start=9&cgid=Boots-wraps

I ordered them in (what the site lists as) ODB, which is a dark, dark blue. They are a shade darker than on the site. They were $24.95 NOT on sale, I got them for $12.47. These boots blew me away. I was expecting quality similar to those cheap-o velcro brush boots you can get for $10 at State Line or Dover, but these are amazing. The quality is right in line with that of the $100+ boots that Eskadron makes. I plan on purchasing another pair to have on standby, but maybe in a more fun color since they offer so many different options.

The rain sheet: http://www.horze.com/Horze-Price-Z-Rain-Rug/24021,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_24021_color=BR&start=20&cgid=Blankets

I haven’t had a chance to try this on the Princess yet, but I can tell the quality is right up there. The stitching is well done, the weight is just right, and the color is pleasing with the black/blue trim. I ordered it in an 81″. The sheet that she is currently wearing is a 78″ and a bit on the mini-skirt side. Another plus to this sheet is that it has leg straps. I HATE sheets with no elastic leg jobbies (that’s a technical term right there!) since without them, blankets tend to shift more. I will take obligatory pictures in it tomorrow after our ride, and comment more on the fit. It was originally $86.94 and I got it for $43.47. **UPDATE: I tried this on Willow last night, and it fit perfectly. I didn’t get pictures because it was dark, but I LOVE it. It drops down well, unlike many of the expensive blankets that are too short for her. She’s 17.1h. The color is flattering as well!**

The breeches: http://www.horze.com/Horze-Active-Check-women%27s-Knee-Patch-breeches/36452,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_36452_color=CDBR%2fLLG&start=4&cgid=Kneepatch

I am not ashamed to admit that I dropped trou right in my dining room to try these on. I ordered them in the ODB/KPI color and they are much darker than shown on the site, with the vertical plaid being more pink than I saw in the picture. I like them MORE! One thing that I don’t like is the way full seat breeches make me feel, and these have the look of full seats, without the feel. Bonus! The material is amazing. It stretches, but doesn’t feel as though it will get overly stretched out with repeated wear. They’ll stand up to a good amount of usage. They are on the thick side, but they don’t feel too hot. I ordered them in a 24/36 and they fit snugly under my belly button, but are very long (as in, down past my ankle). I’m 5’3″ with (apparently) short little legs, so this isn’t an uncommon problem for me. They aren’t very flattering in the badonkadonk region, but they’re breeches, so that doesn’t worry me too much. I think that I’m going to send them back (whoot free return shipping!) and order the next size up, so I have a little bit more comfort in the waist even though that means the leg will be even longer. The waistband is very thick and not as ‘giving’ as the rest and they are 95% cotton, so will do some shrinking in the wash. They were $56.95 but I purchased them for $28.47.


I’ll be able to comment more on the return process (and customer service) when I’ve got the next size up pair in hand. I may return these for a refund, and add a new pair onto my next order (sorry honey!). We’ll see what’s easiest. **UPDATE: While the return process is easy peasy, and the customer service reps are amazing, I decided to keep my breeches. I’ve clocked two rides in them and they are super comfy.**

I’ll share my comments on everything that I order, regardless of where it’s purchased from.

I’m off to spend some quality time with Nancy (the Kindle) and this handsome guy…

Have a good night, y’all!


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