Favorite Things- Baby Food!

Shannon is constantly changing, but over the past 7 (ish) months, we’ve found a few things that we really love. I wanted to share, so that any other parents, or expentant parents out there can enjoy them too! 🙂 Here are some of our favorite food related items. This is going to be a regular installment on the blog, and hopefully will be getting it’s own tab for convience. I’d like to do family, equine, and Shannon faves.


1) Plum Organics Pouches: These got rave reviews from another amazing Mommy friend of mine so we decided that we would give them a shot.

Shannon turned her nose up at all the Gerber babyfoods and all my homemade foods (anybody want 12 pounds of frozen, squished up avacado?). She isn’t a huge fan of the stage 1 pouches (they just have one flavor) but she’ll suck these mixed flavors down like it’s nobody business. We haven’t tried a mixture yet that she hasn’t loved. I love that they are USDA certified organic with a short ingredients label of all things that I can pronounce. The packages are BPA free. They are a little bit on the expensive side, at $1.55 a pouch, but it outweighs the $1.00/2 Gerber baby foods that have a long list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. My only complaint with these, is that she can’t take them on the go. The food inside erupts out of the spout when you squeeze it, and can make a total mess if the baby is the one running the show. We normally sit her on our lap and hold the package while she sucks it down.

2) Brother’s All Natural Fruit Crisps: Shannon goes nuts for things like Puffs and Cheerios, but they were binding her up like you wouldn’t believe. My Mom suggested that we try freeze-dried fruit with her and it was a hit!

She gobbles these up like a pro. The pieces are big, so I break them up before she eats them. They dissolve super quickly, so the choking hazard is nil. The ingredient list is short, literally freeze dried strawberries and bananas (in this pouch). They also offer pears and apples that we could find at the grocery store. Compare these to the Gerber Graduates Puff, which again, has an ingredient list as long as my arm, full of things like Alpha Tocopheryl (?!). No thanks, I’ll take the real stuff. Once pouch lasts us about two days, and I keep them in a ziploc baggie after I open them, as you can’t reseal the package and they go stale and mushy really quickly. Again, they are pretty expensive, aobut $1.15 per package, but you get what you pay for, and while I’m okay scrimping on me, Mike and I both agree that that isn’t the case with Shannon.

3) Mussleman’s Applesauce: Shannon and I have oatmeal every morning for breakfast, and I mix this in hers. She snarfs it down as fast as I can get it in her mouth.

I’m always looking for sneaky ways to get fiber in her diet. I do not want to re-live the great non-poop that was a few weeks ago. These are a good way to do it. The ingredients are right on the lid, and again, short and sweet. This is also a great, sneaky way to slip her some Tylenol on the days her teeth are bothering her, or before she has to get shots. Another plus for these? They are made in America! They aren’t too expensive, about $2.00 for a 6 pack and Mike loves them too. 😉

4) Gerber 100% Pear Juice: Another recommendation from my Mom to keep things tick-tocking. Shannon gets 3-3.5 oz mixed with 2oz water in a bottle or sippy cup when she wakes up from her morning nap.

She doesn’t gulp it all down quite the way that she hoovers her other foods, but she still gets pretty excited about it. I wasn’t big on giving her juice everyday because of the sugars, but it was either this or Karo syrup. Given my choices, I’ll take the pear juice. The ingredients list water, pear juice from concentrate, and absorbic acid (vit. c). It’s not expensive, about $1.10 for this container and we go through about a container every two weeks.

5) Cheerios: Tried and true, another Mom recommendation. She loves to eat them, but I use them for entertainment purposes since she hasn’t quite grasped the ‘let it go once it’s in your mouth’ concept.

Dixie is better than a dustbuster!

They dissolve quickly, have a hole in the middle, and are easy for her to grip and move around. She has the chewing concept down pat so I don’t worry much about her choking on the ones she actually manages to get in her mouth. I’m aware that we really need to invest in a real high chair. It’s our next big purchase for her, but we wanted to wait until she actually fit in one and could sit without fail. She normally eats her meals sitting on the floor or on our laps. Anyways. Two thumbs up for the Cheerios for an easy, mess free learning tool.

Ground up cheerios are also much, much easier to get out of the carpet (not like Dixie actually misses any that fall on the floor) when Shannon pulls the baggie out of her diaper bag, opens them, and proceeds to fling them around the dining room.

What are your favorite food items for your little ones?


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