Some Thoughts.

As it’s been raining (finally… I love snuggly weather), nothing very exciting has been happening. Over the weekend, however, I had a few moments of deep thought, and I wanted to share.

1) I have possibly the cutest child, ever. She’s a hit with the AARP crowd, for sure. We went grocery shopping today, and I got stopped by about a dozen older women and their husbands over the course of our trip, so they could goo-goo over her. It makes me so happy to see that she can bring such joy to people! She hams it up too, with the smiles and the showing off of her pretty pink shoes from her Aunt Sue. She’s shameless.

2) We’ve done a lot of driving this past week, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there should be a law. That law will state that if you are not comfortable driving the speed limit consistantly then you should not have a driver’s lisence. I know that nobody is perfect, but the truck almost ate 2 cars because people are crusing along at 60, then see a *gasp* TURN in the road and SLAM on their breaks and take the turn going 25. Another favorite of mine is the 25 mph until you try to pass them, then they veer out into the middle of the road and punch it.

3) I love the rain, but it really needs to stop, as it makes it hard to properly walk Dixie, and the poor dear is turning into a little nutcase. It could also be from the generous amount of Cheerios she’s been ingesting. They are like puppy-crack to her.

4) I will never be able to garden with my husband. It is proven by the following conversation:

{Mike ran in a 5k on Sunday morning, and got to the barn early to help me with chores. We were just sweeping up, and I’ve been known to be a bit obnoxious at times.}

Me: Thanks. You’re a pro at that.

Mike: No problem. *hefting shovel, as if testing weight* You’re lucky we don’t own one of these.

Me: Why, do you feel like hitting me with one or something?

Mike: Yea. Sometimes.

5) Should the unfortunate event above ever take place, I will not be able to out run him. He placed 9th out of 125 people on Sunday, with a time of 28min. I only run when dinner is ready.

6) There are wonderful people out there. Mike met me for dinner on Friday night, and had come right from work. He was still in uniform, which to us is a normal thing. People often openly stare, as we aren’t in a heavily military populated area, so it’s out of the norm for them. After we finished our meal we walked to the front of the resturant to pay, and we were informed that a couple had left a $20 bill to pay for our dinner in order to thank Mike for his service. I’m so proud of what he does, and I know I don’t thank him nearly enough, because I’m too busy grumbling about his schedule. It’s so touching to know that other people are as thankful for him as I am. The couple was long gone by the time we left, and I wished that I had been able to give them a hug.

7) My kindle (whom I’ve dubbed Nancy) is making it way too easy to spend money. One click on Amazon and I’ve got books galore. Since many of you out there in cyber-land don’t know, I’m a bookworm and I don’t care who knows it! Mike informed me the other night that I really needed to stop because his wallet was starting to smoke. It’s just so bloody easy. I only wish that it had a backlight, so I can read while I’m nursing Shannon to sleep. Pinterest on my phone has been failing horribly. Oh, my first world problems.

That’s it, really. Exciting place in my head, isn’t it?

{Photo by Nichole McGrail Photography. Check her out on Facebook!}

Hopefully the rain will chill out long enough to get Willow’s portraits done. I’m looking forward to sharing them!

Stay tuned for a Favorite Things- Equine post in the am!


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