Ghosts And A Lack Of Romance.

Hey y’all!

We’ve just gotten back from a great visit to Mike’s family, and the leafs this time of the year are uh-mazing! He took us up to the top of Hunt Mountain, and it was lovely!

Even Shannon tested out her sweet new shoes, and collected some leaves for her Daddy. It was so nice to have a day that was (finally) without a down pour! I thinks it’s rained for a full week solid. The horses at the barn may or may shrivel up from lack of Vit. D! Dixie was also pretty stoaked to get out of the car and stretch her legs.

Totally georgous! The bugs, however, decided that they wanted to come out to play as well. After fighting off a few ‘skeeters that were roughly the size of a small school bus, we packed it up and headed to Mike’s parents. It’s a habit for us, everytime  we drive down, that we stop at Marty’s Short Stop in Danville. It’s the perfect distance to go before you need a potty break (I’m like my mother in that I’m an avid potty breaker) and their deli makes my mouth water. When I know that we’re making a trip, I’ll intentionally not eat before we leave and only pack ‘boring’ snacks so when we hit Danville, I can whine “I’m hungry” and Mike will agree. 😉

They whole reason I’m telling you this, is so I can tell you this story. (I know, just bear with me okay? It’s been a long 48 hours.) Mike is as avid a coffee drinker as I am a potty breaker so we make a good road trip pair. He decided, during this stop to experiment with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (fircely loyal doesn’t even begin to cover it) Lake and Lodge flavor. I love the flavor. We were in the car, Shannon sleeping away, making conversation and in between discussing the Mormans, why we can’t just pull the troops out of Iraq, and houses that give us funny feelings, I asked him how is coffee was.

Me: I love that flavor. It makes me feel like I’m swinging on a porch swing, curled up in a blanket, watching the loons float by on the lake. *sighs at the romantic notion*

Mike: *snorts* Yea. This shit’ll wake your ass up, that’s for sure.

Me: All is lost on you, isn’t it?

My husband, the romantic, folks!

We then returned to our former conversation of haunted houses. It went something like this.

Me: Haven’t you ever slept at a place that just gave you a bad vibe?

Mike: Yea. I’ve slept in places like that all the time.

Me: Like where?! What kind of vibes? Isn’t it creepy!

Mike: Like vibes were somebody was going to get me into a fire fight or a mortar was going to fall in my bed.

Me: *rolls eyes* Noooo… not those kind of vibes. *sigh* The ghost kind of vibes.

Mike: I don’t believe in ghosts.

Me: Yes you do! You told me that you do! You don’t ever worry that one is going to kill you? (I have an irrational or not so irrational fear of this… I’m Catholic and not sure where I stand on the whole ghost thing.)

Mike: No. *rubs eyes like he’s irritated or something* (probably wishing for a shovel… we have inside jokes now blogstalkers!) They are already dead.

Me: So?!

Mike: If a ghost is going to pop up and bitchslap me, I’m sure it would have happened already.

Now whose the irrational one folks!? Not me. We then went on to talk about the monks that have a retreat in Barton, and everything was fairly uneventful from that point on.

We had a great visit (we always have great visits!) and Shannon charmed the bojangles out of everybody, as is per her usual. I’ve also come to the conclusion that my daughter is a shameless begger when it comes to food. She takes after her mother gets it from her father. She crawls over to the one who has what she wants (and she’s not all that selective anymore) pulls herself up at their feet, opens her mouth and pants until they give her a bit of whatever it is they are eating. Shes akin to a small bird. The only thing that she still refuses is avacado and strangely, banana.

Strings, paper, and the ocassional handful of hair stolen from an unsuspecting dog or feline will do in a pinch. It’s fun to watch her palate expand, but I’m learning to be a better housekeeper pretty quickly. Yesterday I pulled a wad of something purple out of her cheek. I have no idea where it came from and I have no idea where the rest of it is.

Another thing we’ve discovered over the weekend is that “mama” is a fun new word. She knows how to use it too. I was dancing it around the house, rubbing in my ‘win’ to Mike, and then the ‘witching hour’ struck and all she did was sit in the middle of the floor and scream “MAMA, MAMA!!” Is it wrong to make a 7.5 month old put a quarter in the swear jar? ;).

My mother also called me a wimp… which I didn’t appreciate. MAMA!! Geeze.

To end this long rambling post, we had a great trip, full of firsts, family time, and good company!

It’s bed time for everybody, so I’m off to go snuggle with my 32 oz. mug of tea husband and try to make up the sleep that we lost when our little tyrant perfect little darling child decided that 0100 was the PERFECT time to have a 2 hour play sesh.


Stay tuned y’all… we’ve got some big stuff coming up on ‘el blogo in the next few weeks… including a possible giveaway and some big news!





One thought on “Ghosts And A Lack Of Romance.

  1. Cate thank-you for the up date on you and your family!!!!! I just love it and feel like I am with you as you write and I can see it all so well . I feel some of your Mother is writing the blog as it sounds just like her and saying it with a smile on her face !!!!!! Oh how I miss your mom and all the great times we had tea and you kids just played and played. So keep up with the blogs I LOVE them and look forward to reading the next one. Oh I guessed the correct horse to buy when you put that question out there. I was like you alover of horses as a child but didn’t keep with them when I was married. Maybe in my late years I will have one again. Love to you all Jeanne

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