Humanity? Wtf?

I have a beef with humanity. A big one.

Mike and I were off to the barn because Ms. PillyPants had a photo shoot today. We came around a corner and saw a woman standing on the side of the road, waving. She was standing next to an overturned recycling can. Mike and I kind of asked each other if she was hitching hiking, but it just didn’t look right. We put our four ways on, and as we pulled over to her side of the road I noticed that there was a man lying in the ditch.

We got out, helped him back to his feet (okay, Mike single handedly hauled the gentleman to his feet, I just braced the walker… HOOAH!) and we got him out of the ditch and on his way home. Mike walked along side and the woman and I put the books back into the recycling can and cleaned up some glass that had broken. We were chatting a little bit, and I mentioned that I hoped they hadn’t been there long since it was freezing and wet. When she responded, I almost swallowed my tounge.


This elderly man had been lying in the water, in the ditch, in the 40 degree weather for 45 minutes while people drove by her. Who knows how much longer he’d been there before the woman had driven by.  It took us 10 minutes, if that, to help them.

My parents raised me to help. I’ve been bitten in the rear only once, when I stopped to help a young girl who had stolen a horse and got bucked off into the road as a result. The matter was quickly resolved. I know that we live in a horribly sue happy culture. Everybody is trying to make a buck and people are afraid that they will fall prey next. But really?! It makes me sick to my stomach to think of that poor man, lying in the ditch, with people just driving by. It’s not a quiet road, either, so it’s not like we were the first to drive by. I saw the same truck do 3 passes.

Promise me, y’all, that you’ll stop and help if the opportunity arises. Please?


Tell me what you think!

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