As I mentioned last night, Miss Willow and I had a picture shoot yesterday. She was a total nutball since she had to go outside and *gasp* nobody else was out yet. She very well could have died. Nichole McGrail, from Nichole McGrail Photogrophy was a total pro, and despite Willow’s antics, we got some really good options to choose from.

I encourage my New England peeps to check her out. She’s kick butt at kids, pets, physco mares, families, and just about anything else that you can think of. She’s been taking pictures for years, and her rates are beyond reasonable. If you give her facebook page a like, you can see more of her work, and also take advantage of her monthly specials! Her turnaround time is quick. I had my pictures less than 24 hours after we took them!!/nicholemcgrailphotography?fref=ts

Now… please enjoy the wonderfulness that is my beast! 🙂

Trying to maintain something that resembles control.


Umm… Whoa?


Just before it all went sideways…


This picture makes me giggle. It’s the perfect portrait of our relationship. Willow losing her noodle, and me, laughing about it.


See! We have TOTAL control….


“Mom, I know you have carrots in there….”


“HA! I knew it… carrots!”


My friends are this way…




*double drool* This one is going in our house… large style.




We CAN behave.


“Phew. Glad thats over with… MY FRIENDS!!!!!”


I’m done now.

I also want to say a big thank you to Becky, for letting us use Frogs Leap Farm and to Caslon for giving us use of his personal paddock. 😉

I also have an offer for y’all! If you mention this post when you book a session, you’ll get 35% off your session fee AND (who doesn’t love an AND!) a free 8×10 collage…. so what the heck are you waiting for?! Go harrass her!


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