Devil Dogs.

There are a lot of moments in my life that aren’t my finest. I think last night was in the top ten. Probably towards the top. Possibly top 5.

Shannon has been ill, which meant our house was under lockdown all day yesterday {It also meant Mike and I resorted to the 1am car ride of desperation to try to get her to sleep.} I’m not one of those people who does well just chillin’ around the house so when Mike got home, I booked it for a snuggle sesh with the physco. All was well. She actually stood still for her lovin’ and I happily groomed away. The barn where Willow lives has coyotes that run around, having little coyotes parties. I am not really a fan of them, because they are creepy and will eat you. I am also not a very fast runner, so I consider myself double doomed. Usually you can hear them whoopin’ it up at night, but tonight it was lovely because it was silent. I’m pretty sure my singing scared them off. I consider it my super power.

I tucked physco in for the night, and gave everybody a piece of carrot before I closed up the barn. It’s o’dark PM out and I called up my parents house on my way out. {This post can also be considered a PSA on why you should talk on the phone and open the barnyard gate.} I hung up, slid iPhone back in my pocket and heard a noise behind me.

I froze a little bit and slowly turned in the direction of the field across the road from the gate. Then I froze the rest of the way. I also think I may or may not have wet myself. 4 coyotes eyes peeked back at me in the car headlights. I then screamed “HOLY CRAP, DON’T EAT ME!!!” and spun around to run back to the car.

I may have misjuged the distance between myself and the open car door and smacked into it, full body slam style.

I made a weird, squeaky oof-ing noise as the door slammed shut. I then did some more screaming which was accompanied by some hand wringing, jumping up and down, and a little bit of praying to the devil dog God’s {because I am sensible like that} then ripped the car door open, leapt inside and booked it out of there.

I don’t like them stinkin’ things.


I was asking Willow about her feelings on devil dogs in this picture. Okay, well that’s really a lie, she was teaching me a lesson in ‘self-expression’, HOWEVER, I totally think that she would respond this way when I do ask her her feelings on them.


In other, non-devil dog related news, Shannon picked out her first pumpkin from Sam Mazza’s! I think I was more excited about the pumpkins then she was, but I figure it’s totally acceptable to lead by example.

They both weighed 15lbs!

I don’t really have much to elborate on, other than that cute picture of my kid with a pumpkin. I figured it was a better ending than my almost getting mauled by coyotes.


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