El Crasho-ed.

So. Now that you’re here, I’m sure you notice that there’s a difference. If you haven’t, you might want to enjoy another cup of coffee.

I logged into the blog yesterday and noticed that it was broken. Way broken. WordPress did away with my current theme, leaving the rest of everything else hangin’. I did some searching around (and by some, I mean about two hours worth) and finally settled on this one. It’s pretty simple. Tell me what you think! I can’t do much changing of it, but I can switch to a different theme if this one proves hard to read.

We’ve had a run of sleepless nights here, which have led to some pretty uneventful days. I haven’t been on Willow much, as she in a transitory heat cycle and for some reason this fall it’s really hit her hard. I was attempting to tack her up on Wednesday, and she just kept kicking her stall wall over and over again, almost like she had a bug on her belly. I checked her all over, but she finally settled down with a couple sharp corrections. When I sent her out on the lunge line, she would only focus with about 1/16 of her brain, the rest just let her careen around like a drunkie tripping over her own feet, flagging her tail, and squealing like a banshee.

I can deal with hot, and I can deal with forward and silly. That’s all fine to me, it’s when they won’t focus, even after being worked down, that I choose not to get on. Any horse, even ponies, are too strong to be on when you aren’t able to get them focused, and that’s when it gets dangerous.

I don’t want to end up like my blog, el crasho-ed!

I’ve never before dealt with a mare that was so unfocused, and I’m beginning to research calming supplements to get us through these patches. We’ll see how she is this afternoon. If it’s just a two week thing, then I’m happy to give her those two weeks off in the spring and fall so she can let her hormones do their own thing, but if it lasts longer than that, or I notice that this is turning into a behavior, it’s something I want to get ironed out before she hurts somebody. If calming supplements are the way to help us get through that, then so be it. I’ve never had a horse on them before, so I want to make the right decision. If I don’t have to use them, I don’t want to, but never be ashamed to have a back up plan!

I’ll report back on my findings!

Shannon and I are off to go play, she’s crusing on the furniture and a little bit overly proud of her new skills. 😉

Moon sand! 1c baby oil to 8c flour… She loves it!!


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