A Few Thoughts.

– The Navy SEALS have what they call “Hell Week”. It usually takes place around Week 4, Phase 1 of training. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to go have a chat with the Navy recruiter next door and see if I can get shipped there for vacation. This sleepless child thing is no joke. We’ve had the exact same bedtime routine since she was about 4 weeks old. She has her bath, then gets dressed in her jammies, and I nurse her. Then I put her down and she goes to sleep. Not. Any. More. As soon as I put her down, she sits right up and hangs out in her crib. Screaming her little head off. God forbid DADDY actually try to go calm her down. She’s not having any of that. I actually had to Army crawl out of the room the other night while he was trying to get her to sleep. I knew that if she so much as got a glimpse of my elbow, all bets were off. Then, once we get her to sleep, usually around midnight, she’s up at 2, 4, and 6. Growth spurt, teeth, posession? Your guess is as good as mine. We’re plugging through it and trying to keep our “just roll with it” parenting mentality, but I’m getting increasingly more mental. Big thank you to my Mom for all her help!

You can see the ‘crazy’ in my eyes. You don’t even have to look that hard.

– I swear about 100% more when I’m this exhausted. I just got home from the barn, and even I was shocked by how many times I dropped the “f” bomb in conversation. It just spills out. Like ‘f’ bomb-arrieah. I try to keep things ‘G’ rated up in hurr… but in real life, I swear worse than (fill in the blank). It’s awful. I need to correct it.

– Shannon has figured out how to feed the dog her Cheerios. Dixie is overjoyed at this new development, and is more than helpful during snack time. I also appreciate Dixie’s hoover powers, because it means I don’t have to vacumnn up crushed and/or soggy Cheerios. She has also figured out how to lick (she being Shannon…) them off the palm of my hand instead of picking them up when I offer them to her. It’s a pretty efficent way to get them all in your mouth. She’s her Momma’s girl when it comes to food. How much and how fast can I shovel it in?

– Willow does not just have a bad case of the cool weather zoomies or a bad heat cycle. I’ve done my research and I’m going to give her two months of Mare Magic supplements to see if that evens her out enough to solidify our breaks and steering. SmartPak carries it, and they will refund your money if the supplement doesn’t work after two months or so. Mare Magic is pure Raspberry leaf that lends itself to chillin’ ’em out. A 60 day supply is about $20. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll explore something more chemical based. SmartPak offers a variety, and I’d rather use the least potent as possible. Since we aren’t competing, I’m not worried about if it’s legal or not. It is legal, from what I’ve gathered in my research. FEI CleanSport has a great iPhone app that’s helpful with that stuff. My hope is that it will help me break through the zoomies a little bit, so we can then safely manage them without supplemental help. I’m glad that she has the extra pep, many of the brilliant ones do, since you can’t be awesome in your sleep, but we need to learn how to properly focus or we won’t get anywhere.

– HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! I love you!

He’s a handsome devil, ain’t he? Sorry ladies… he’s taken. 😉

– I am the baby proofing champ. No broken domes in this joint will be had. Mike and I picked up some foam on a trip to Buttered Noodles (*sigh* Mommy obsession….the store, not the foam) and I baby-proofed like a boss over the weekend. Opened a beer, put on some tunes, and foamed away. Shannon helped me, naturally, and we got it done with only a few pieces stuck to her head.

– On the subject of beer, I enjoyed a few this weekend. The general rule for drinking while breastfeeding is that you should stop once you feel buzzed. I timed them between nursings (which isn’t really that hard anymore) and made sure to drink plenty of water (that’s a self made rule when I drink anyways. 1 beer = 1 glass of water… I never get hangovers. You’re welcome). When I picked up my glorious 6 pack, I was walking out of the gas station with Shannon in one hand, 6 pack in the other. A guy about my age was about to walk past me. He stopped. Did a double take, then fist bumped me while shouting (BEEP)ING AMERICA! He then proceed into the store. Epic.

– I beat the bojangles out of my husband with a pillow last night, and it felt really, really good. He doesn’t get up with Shannon at night because 1) He has to get up and go to work and 2) He’s not exacatly lactating. He helps me get her to sleep… then it’s all me until he gets home at night. It can be so frustrating to see him snoozing away in bed next to me while I’m dragging my overtired rear into her room for the third time that night.

– I have an instagram account (@xhaltsalute y’all!!) and a lot of the girls that I follow do this outfit of the day thing. They get dressed up in heels and pretty blazers and make up… behold… my #ootd y’all…

… MAHA Hockey fleece zip up, TJMaxx no name brand shorts, Muck Boot Co. Muck boots. Sexy-freakin-rexy right here.

– On the topic of fashion.

Christmas circa 2011.

Who cares if I wear them while I’m in my underwear (my husband, probably)? They are comfy as anything, and it’s finally chilly enough that I can justify wearing them. Thanks, Mom!

-In closing, I leave you with this rooster. He is currently my lock screen photo.

God. I love Pinterest.


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