Barn Voice.

For those of you who don’t know what a barn voice is, it’s like an outside voice, but more mean. It’s usually used in the context of “WILL YOU STOP (insert naughty action here)!!!” and it’s more often than not yelled down the barn aisle. It is not as effective as the “hey” growl that generally goes along with a slap on the belly, but it usually makes the user feel better.

After I got home from the barn this afternoon, it was like my whole house exploded all at once. Shannon was sheriking and hitting the noisest toy in the entire house. Dixie was chasing the calico cat around and she was meowing. Dixie was whining. Milo was screaching to go outside. My phone went off about 8 times. I thought that my ears were going to explode. Chaos is a normal state around here, but for some reason this afternoon I didn’t even have time to think before I shouted “ENOUGH” in my barn voice.

Everybody froze. Shannon’s eyes got huge. Dixie layed down. The cats ran for cover. Then Shannon started to giggle. The dog started chasing her tail. My phone went off again. Milo resumed his squalling.

See? Hardly effective, but it made me feel better!

Speaking of the barn. I went this morning and watched Becky work Willow. I couldn’t make it out yesterday, and wanted to see what she had worked on. As I was watching her, I started to realize that a lot of the problem is me. I’m not reacting to her outbursts the way that I need too. I’m so concerned about not messing anything up, that I don’t DO anything other than throw water  on the fire, then take the next excuse that I get to end the session on a good note. I forget to treat her like a horse.

I’ve started a lot of horses, mostly Quarter Horses and TBs for the hunter and wp ring. They need to be quiet. I don’t put up with their BS. For some reason I didn’t apply that same theory to Willow. Just because she’s big and pretty and the nicest horse that I’ve owned to date, doesn’t mean that she gets away with all her crap. It’s my turn to take the lunge line tomorrow and draw the line in the sand. I’ve seen now how Becky handles her space moments, and how Willow reacts to that. Balls in my court and I’m pretty determined not to drop it. :).

Just because I’ve identified my problem, however, doesn’t mean that we won’t still have our issues because she’s a spacey tracey sometimes.

In other, non-equine related news…. Shannon is great. She’s now pretty fluent in Mama and some garbled languge that only she and her various toys seem to understand. We’re still working on the sleeping thing, but she’s starting to go down with less of a struggle. I’m really tempted to bring her into bed, since I know that she’ll pass out in a matter of minutes and stay that way. It worked for us when she was 1-4 weeks old, and I broke the habit with help from my Mom when Mike left. I miss cuddling with her at night, but we both feel that it’s better for everybody at this stage of the game. I will still snuggle up with her on the couch for naps, if I don’t have a lot of extra stuff to get caught up on.

It’s so much fun to watch her explore and learn about her environment! I’ll touch more on all that stuff in her 8 month update in a few days! 😀

That’s about it for now. Shannon and I are having friends over! 🙂


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