Shut. The. Front. Door. Our girl is 8 months old today!

She continues to amaze Mike and I everyday, and she has us laughing all the time. She’s offically crawling and pulling herself up on everything! She’s recently started working on letting go and wobbling there for a half second before plopping down on her adorably diapered bum. We are doing everything that we can to encourage her independance, and I now have a defult setting that has me throwing my hands in the air and going ‘whoompa!’ when she (or anybody…)falls down. She’s a tough cookie and shakes off all but the toughest of falls. She keeps Dixie and Milo running, and it’s pretty hysterical to hear her squealing as she chases them around in circles. They are good sports about it, thank goodness.

Her vocabulary is ever evolving, and I’m never sure what noise is going to come out next. She’s pretty fluent in ‘mama’ and various squeaks, squeals, and recently, growls (thanks Grampie!). When she gets really excited about something she pants, squeals, and bounces her whole body up and down. It kills me on a fairly daily basis. We’re working on clapping as well, and she has the enthusiam down like a pro. She’s always quick to smile, and the sight of her flapping her arms up and down, squealing, and smiling away (her version of clapping) keeps me giggling. Her favorite part of the day is when Daddy comes home. She bounces up and down with her mouth wide open, squealing, until she holds my hands and walks over to him, moving her little legs as fast as they will go.

She is quiet the little food hound, and its funny to see her eating like a grown up (ish). She only nurses 2-3 times a day now. While I’m a little bit sad at the decrease, it’s just another sign that she’s growing up and I’m happy to roll with it. I still nurse in the morning when she wakes up, and again before she goes to sleep. Depending on how much she’s eaten that day, I’ll throw another one in in the afternoon, around lunch time. I constantly worry that she’s not getting enough of everything that she needs, and I’ve become a neurotic label reader. We’ve also got her tummy troubles ironed out with yogurt and pear juice. She’d much rather eat off our plates, and is a shameless beggar. She’ll crawl over to where you’re sitting and stare at you, panting, with her mouth wide open until you give her a piece of whatever you happen to be eating. She’s worse than the dog. We have a good time introducing new things to her and watching her reactions to everything. Her favorites are still yogurt, plum organics pouches, and cheerios. She also has a soft spot for soup. She won’t touch anything Gerber. I don’t blame her. Have you smelled that stuff?! Yuck. Meal times are always messy, and are usually attended in just a diaper. She’s a pro at feeding herself her cheerios and I try to give her a snack time each day to work on her skillz. It’s also a lifesaver at resturants to be able to throw a handful on the table and let her chow down.

If you’ve been keeping up with the times around here, the past two weeks have been pretty sleepless. I don’t know why, and I got boarderline hysterical over it (from MY lack of sleep). She *seems* to be back on track, and the past two nights we’ve had pretty good stretches (9-5). I thought that she would be getting some teeth, but I still haven’t seen any sign of it. Before her bedtime strike, she was sleeping pretty well, with only one wake up around 2 to nurse. We started mixing some oatmeal in with her dinner at night to thicken it a bit, and that seems to have done the trick. Another thing that we have started working on is putting her down awake. We have dinner, then bathtime, then I nurse her and put her down. Her doctor told us at her 6 month appointment that it was something to start thinking about. The first night she fussed for a good while, and it’s become less and less each night. We don’t let her scream outright for more than a few minutes. I’ve had to make some sacrifices to keep her on her schedule, but it’s worth it to me. She needs sleep to grow.

I’m continuing to have a blast watching her grow, taking too many pictures, and playing with her everyday. 🙂 She’s the light of my life!


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