I rolled over this morning, looked at Mike and said “I feel a little bit like all I got was socks for Christmas.”

We were prepared. The truck was full of gas, water and food stocked to the gills, human/animal first aid kits and info ready to go, and… well… lets just say that I’ve had sneezes that have created more of an impact. I’m so very, very grateful that all of my friends and family are safe, and I feel awful for the people in the surrounding areas whose weathermen actually knew HOW to read the radar properly. I hope that they all were as prepared as they could be. It just would have been nice if our garbage can had blown over, so I could have justified my irrational paranoia a teensy bit.

Shannon & Milo waited anxiously as well!

Pretty much the extent of Sandy around here!

I just wanted to post a quick update! How did all y’all weather this thing! Jingling for all those still dealing with Sandy!


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