So I log in, to post my Equine Affaire (I can’t believe I’ve been spelling it wrong, and nobody told me!) update, and noticed that Shannon’s 9 month update never actually posted. I saw the link on my facebook and figured it was fine. Shame on you WordPress. I have not been impressed. I usually lose at least part, if not all, of my posts each time I publish them. Blogger was a PITA, but at least it didn’t lose entire posts. Where do they go, anyways? I love the layouts here, they feel more crisp, but I’m not okay with my posts going poof!

I realize that I have a lot of catching up to do. We’ve hard a whirlwind few weeks, and el bloggo has fallen by the wayside. I’ll try to get all caught up in the next few days.

But for now… the most important thing!


Shannon is a firecracker. She’s constantly moving, and most favorite activity (after attacking the poor dog) is to pull down whatever is in her reach. We have little drestructo piles all over. Nothing is out of reach, it seems like. She also loves to ‘wave’ hi and bye (all the time. She’s convinced I’m always either going or coming…), climb the stairs (gulp), and she crusies the furniture like a boss. She isn’t a huge cuddle bug, unless she’s tired or wants something. She’s too busy destroying the house. We encourage her, though! It’s how they learn. Everybody has their money on the fact that she’ll be walking by Christmas. I, personally, kind of hope that she’ll hold off until after we PCS, but I know it isn’t going to happen. The first thing going up in the new house will be baby gates!

En route to destroying Uncle PJ’s blocks.

Our house is similar to Ft. Knox in how things are blocked off. We have a total of 5 baby gates, but they all work in our favor, since we have a little mover and shaker.

On the tooth front, there are still none. They have started giving her a bit of trouble, and her gums are getting increasingly more swollen, but still nothing. I’m not too worried about it though. It’s not like toofer growth is directly related to a learning disability, her doctor has assured me. 😉

Speaking of doctor’s, she passed her 9-month well baby with flying colors! She’s tipping the scales at a hefty (cough) 16lbs 13oz and is standing at 27 3/4″ tall (that’s 6.3hh for you horse people). Tall and skinny! She grew over 4 inches in 3 months, no wonder she’s been so cranky! 😉

We’ve starting into food full tilt, and with it breastfeeding has taken a backseat in Shannon-land. I’m rolling with it! She still nurses at night, and if she wakes up, but during the day she’s decided she’s too cool for that stuff. Luckily, however, she’s a great eater. She’ll usually happily hoover anything that you put on her highchair tray. Some of her faves include broccoli, carrots, green peas, bread, turkey, venison, anything soup related, Plum Organic’s pouches, apple sauce, greek yogurt, blue berries, seaweed, and cheerios. We’ve been given the green light by her doctor to give her just about anything, other than honey (age 1) as well as peanuts and popcorn (age 4).

We’ve taken a more baby led weaning approach, now that she has the chewing thing pretty much down. She’s also figured out to make poor Dixie work for her scraps. Instead of just dropping bits on the floor, she makes the dog jump up to her to get them, then giggles hysterically! It’s adorable.

She and Dixie are best buddies, and it’s great to see that I’m passing my animal loving-ness (totally a word…) on to her. Mike never had pets growing up, so this is all new to him as well. It’s fun to watch. Dixie is just enough of a goober to keep Shannon entertained long enough to allow me to pee. Works for me. 🙂

The sleep thing has also been improving (knock on wood). We really struggled there for a while, but moving bedtime up, and making sure she got enough sleep during the day helped ten-fold. She’s usually asleep between 7-730 and will wake up around 1-2. Then it’s right back to sleep until 7-730. We’ll see how long THAT takes to change!

Some other things that Shannon loves? Teeth. She’ll happily stick her finger into anybody’s mouth so she can pick at their teeth. It’s a little disturbing.

There aren’t many things that she dislikes. Hats, mostly, and getting dressed. Since she figured out how to get her diaper off, clothes are overrated. 😉

So there you have it! Shannon!

I was going to post about my after baby body, now that it’s been 9 months out (after 9 months in!… well 8 months and 3 weeks. 😉 ), but really, who cares? I’m raising a happy, healthy little pipsqueek and body image can wait. I’ve got better things to do. I feel great, I can wear real pants, and my husband thinks I’m sexy. So there!



Hey y’all!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating. I have so very, very much to talk about! Willow busted my shoulder after a lengthy argument and typing with one hand has proven to be quite the challange. Please hang in there, as I’m working on things slowly but surely.

The Equine Affaire was UH-MAZING, and we had a great time. I’ve never driven in a big city before, and Springfield was…intresting. Anna (my battle buddy…;)) and I survived just fine, and only had a few moments when we were both screaming. Insane traffic aside, we soaked in the Anne Gribbons clinics, shopped to our heart’s content, and really enjoyed the experience. I got everything on my list and then some. 🙂 I have bunches of pictures to download, and it’s gonna be a lengthy catch-up post!

Shannon is doing wonderfully and she’s aboutthisclose to starting to toddle around. Stay tuned for her 9 month update!

Finally, in other big news, Mike and I have word about our next move! In the spring, we’ll be moving to…. Drumroll puh-leash….

The Bluegrass State!!

(Kentucky…. just incase y’all were still wondering!)

We’re very excited to head on our next adventure! I’ll try and keep updated as much as possible. 🙂

Thanks for being so patient!

Equine Affair.

This weekend will bring the epicness of epicness that is the Equine Affair. I go forth armed with my husband’s credit card a strict budget and a list of things that Willow clearly NEEDS to achieve FEI greatness (or just trot around the arena all the way). Behold as I try to justify the exorbent amount of money that I am about to spend in T -2 days…

1) Big girl clippers. Not dinky Whal face jobbies (that she smacked out of my hand last spring rather violently with a front foot in an effort to dissuade my beautifacation efforts), but serious clippers. To clip her whole body.  Preferably of the cordless variety so I am free to chase her about the property and scream, “COME BACK! I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU!” I have my eyeballs on a pair of Whal Moser Arco’s. This is a justified purchase because Willow having a trace clip (at least) will drastically cut down the cooling out period this winter. Since I’m sacrificing moving to an indoor for the good of our budget… ahem.

Pic credit:


2) Leather halter. Willow is a woman of quality and substance, and therefore deserves the appropriate clothing. Right now she just has her turnout halter. That’s it. I’m a horrible horse Mommy, and I’m sure all the other horses of quality and substance laugh at her. She also needs something nice to make her Southern debute when we move this winter. They are also much safer to ship in. And when we get crowned Intro level champions next season, we will wear it as the crowds part in total terror at our uncontrolled collection of afforementioned glory cheer and a blanket of roses is placed across her shoulders. I don’t have a specific halter picked out, but I WILL get a good deal on this.  Valegro has a leather halter, and so will Willow. I’m convinced that that is the key to Olympic success. 😉

3) Quarter sheet… am I the only one who pronounces quarter like quart-ah? Because I am once again saving us money, MIKE. I need a quarter sheet to help keep my chicken leggies and Willow’s scrumptious rear in the warmth as I battle sub-zero temps in my quest for  Southern Intro level domination in 2013. I will be purchasing it in some sort of odd, obnoxious color, so that I might also use it as a rescue flag when Willow takes flight with my happy butt in an attempt to rid herself of her new gear and we end up 4 towns over. There are upsides and downsides to being blessed with a ridiculously athletic partner.

4) Trailer. I know that I’m not just going to be able to pack one up in my suitcase, but this is a good place to gather the intel that I’ll need to persuade Mike to delve further into the equine money pit by buying a trailer for HRH Willow to ride in. I found a pink one the other day during my quest, but I didn’t even bother showing it to the part pooper, because he is just that. A party pooper. I mean what horse wouldn’t want to ride in this awesomeness?!

5) A coat for Dixie. Because even though she is covered in hair, she is a wouss and if she’s shivery NOW, when it’s still ABOVE 20 degrees in the morning. She will be screwed this winter without a jacket. I will find one to match her hot pink zebra striped collar and leash, as well as her pink blingy name tag. It probably should also have a hole, so we can attach one of those giant flag poles that they put on kids shopping carts. Then we will be able to find her if the snow piles up over a foot and a half. She’s delightfully short.

6) A blingy browband. For the obvious reasons. All the cool kids are doing it. Perhaps I can find one with a lighthouse type impliment on it, to warn others to steer clear in the warm-up arena. That might be a little too obnoxious though.

7) A pony for Shannon. I’m kidding about this.



But only a little bit.


‘Nuff said!


So that’s my shopping list, y’all! I’m sure that I’ll wander home, disheveled, with stars in my eyes at the amazingness of all things horsey that will take place this weekend. I’m writing a formal apology to my husband about the credit card extravaganza that is brewing in my purse as soon as I hit the publish button.



After Willow got her much needed pedicure from the kick butt Steve and Jaret, Shannon and I trundled off to the Georgia Elementry School to vote!

Barn hair and all…I’m not sure what’s up with Shannon’s eye though.

I’m not a hardcore… anything really. I quietly do my research (not via Facebook), and make my decisions based on who would be better for the future of my family. That being said, I am a Romney supporter for my own personal reasons. I don’t want to get into politics in this blog, and I stay out of the arguments, but I do think it’s important to not be afraid to share my choice.

My husband serves with men and women who follow in the footsteps of those who fought and died for our right to vote, as well as our right to free speech. I think that it’s important to use those rights, like I did today at the polls, as well as here on the blog. I’m forever grateful for those rights, along with many others that I enjoy as an American.

If I can fill in those bubbles with a baby on my hip… so can you! I don’t care if you are red, blue, or purple… GO VOTE! 🙂

Family Weekend.

I think we crammed as much family into this weekend as we possibly could, and it was great! My sisters (and might as well be brother-in-law) came home for the weekend from their respective colleges, and it was so great to see them.

Mike had a processing Saturday, so Shannon and I got to go over to my parents and soak it up!

I asked her what toys she wanted to bring to Nana’s and she held up a block, so I packed them up and brought them along. I’m not sure who had more fun with them. Shannon or her Uncle PJ. 😉 He built things up, and she ripped them down. It was a good partnership. She had a great time playing, snuggling, and entertaining everybody.




Shannon was a total trooper, even though it was way past bedtime! I think that she got more attention than the band, however, and she always eats that up!

After we got Shannon home and to bed, my Mom was awesome enough to come over and watch Shannon so my sister, bro-in-law, Mike, and I could go bowling! Sadly, when we got to the bowling alley, we were told that it would be a 45 minute wait. It was about 40 out, and raining, so we ended up at Applebee’s instead! 1/2 price appitizers after 9pm anybody? We had great conversation, and it was great to catch up with them.

Sunday we got to sleep in a bit, then Mike and I were able to relax on the couch during Shannon’s nap. We made our way back to my parents, so Mike and PJ could do man things (read: shoot guns and smoke cigars) and Shannon could catch up with her Aunt Abby.

I admit, this picture is from the summer, but I don’t have any recent ones… *COUGH COUGH*

After the crazy kids left, we made our way back home just in time to meet Mike’s Mom and his sister Debbie. Debbie is headed off on her next adventure, so it was wonderful to see her again before she leaves! Good luck, Deb!!

The rest of the night was wonderfully relaxing. Shannon played with her blocks until dinner time, and went to bed early at 730. Mike and I caught up on our current Netflix obsession, Once Upon a Time (how creepy is Rumplestiltskin?!) then had a wonderfully early 9am bedtime. We’re exciting people.

Today was reserved as a easy day at home for Shannon, since it’s chilly (hellooooo SNOW this morning!). We have an appointment for the Orange One in a little bit, so I’m off to shower and make sure the mini gets her lunch!

Hope your weekend was a good one!