Equine Affaire

Finally… right?

I figured I needed to throw in a horsey post at some point. Although, Willow moves to her new indoor home tomorrow (whoop!) so her training updates will (hopefully) be more frequent!

The Equine Affaire was possibly the most fun event I’ve gone to in a long time. The shopping was amazing, the clinics were informative, and they had mini ponies! Any place that has miniature ponies is a big hit in my book.

I managed to drag my bum out of bed at 0515 (with NO husband prompting! WHOOP!) to meet the girls at the barn for chores. I walked in the barn and Willow gave me this weird squinty, blinky look. The morning snuggle-sesh was worth getting up that early!

You can't even SEE her.. but she's there...

You can’t even SEE her.. but she’s there…

After finishing chores in record time, Anna (my travel buddy and fellow minion-extraordinaire) and I settled into the Jeep for the almost 4 hour ride. After only a few wrong turns and potty breaks, we were there. The promise land! It was a madhouse. We scanned the program for when the Anne Gribbons clinics were to take place, and hightailed it to the first one. We arrived just in time to watch the Icelandic horses. I need to add riding one of those to my bucket list. They had mares, geldings, and a stallion all in the arena and everybody behaved. Nice!

Anne’s first clinic was informative. I was all prepared to take notes, but was so enthralled to just be watching that I totally forgot. She talked about the bases that all Dressage horses are supposed to master, before moving up the levels. It was refreshing for me to see horses that were just as wound up as Willow, but they all eventually settled (until Anne’s microphone started giving feedback… then everybody almost fell off.) and were able to work. Anne was a great clinician! She was funny, informative, and engaging.  I look forward to any other opportunities to audit more of her clinics.


After that clinic was through, it was time to shop until we dropped… and shop we did! When we walked into the first building, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t snap many pictures because of the insaneness of it all. Every dealer imaginable was in there (and there were THREE more buildings for us to go through!). We spent the majority of the weekend jumping back and forth between shopping and catching more clinics.

Then, Friday night, it was time for Fantasia! It blew. My. Freakin. Socks. OFF!

I had waited a little bit too long to order my tickets, so had to play Lone Ranger away from the group. That was the only downside. I was squished between a woman wearing velvet and way too much perfume and a lovely older woman who chatted me up and asked for a bite of my soup. Huh?!

Once the show started, I totally forgot about my neighbors. Mounted shooting, jousting, half naked buff Russian men, Guy McLean (new idol!), a hilarious ‘drunk’ duo, and a handful of other ‘acts’ that were equally as amazing. It was one spectacle after another and WELL worth my $18 ticket! I highly encourage anybody that attends to go to the show. It was awesome!


Jousting! Then my phone died...

Jousting! Then my phone died…

There was one bit, though, that touched me more than the others. They opened the show with the National Anthem (which always makes me cry…) and they presented a Morgan stallion to the crowd. He was gorgeous, but he was clipped in the patterns of each respective military symbol. They paraded him out and it was touching. My husband is willing to give his all for you, me, and our country. It’s so amazing to see people who remember that, and take the time to incorporate it in such an event (even though it has nothing to do with the military.) The horse was also clipped with the POW*MIA symbol and we had a moment of silence to remember those brave men and woman who gave all, as well as those who are still fighting, and those who have lost their lives. I was sobbing. My seat mates probably thought that I was nuts.

You can check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSeJF8-L9_c&feature=plcp

We arrived back home on Saturday night late (midnight), exhausted, poor, and full of knowledge!

I’ll post pictures of my purchases (all of which I found!! Whoop!) in another post… we’re off to a Holiday party at the new barn!


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