Three Days Later!

Well Sunday was “The Big Move” for Willow. After much back and forth dithering for a few days, I decided to go with my gut and put her at a small barn about 20 minutes away.

I seriously couldn’t be happier with my decision. Willow is thriving, the care is beyond anything that I could have hoped, and my fellow boarders are great. 😀 It’s really our home away from home!

She loaded up like a champ on Sunday, only backing out of the trailer twice. I had loaded up Mike’s car before we went, and we were off!


She unloaded like a champ, and life was pretty uneventful. She didn’t even flick an ear at the giant blow up Santa in the driveway! She settled right in like a pro, fell in a deep love with her neighbor (an adorable paint dude!), and was happy as a clam.

I brought her out into the arena for a walkabout, and after some looking around, she was content to just hang out while I talked with a few other boarders. When I left, she was letting her new boyfriend lick her in the ear. Totally blissed out.

Put food in front of her face, and she's a happy girl!

Put food in front of her face, and she’s a happy girl!

I was planning on going out first thing on Monday morning, but I got a very positive e-mail from the barn owner (love her!) and decided that since she was doing so well making new friends, that I would just leave her be for the day. I went up that night, did the baby hand off with Mike (the barn is right on his way home from work), and spun her around on the lunge line. She was perfect. We went up and down the arena, and she didn’t bat an eye to anything. Good Willow!


Tonight I donned my wonderful plaid breeches, and we suited up for an actual putz around the arena. I spun her around on the lunge line, since there was some work going on, and it was windy at all get out. She didn’t care. One of the things that we’ve been working on, is standing still at the mounting block. It took a few tries, but we got there. She plodded around the arena with all the expression of a school pony. I didn’t push it, she’s only been there 3 days. We did get some drunken trot in either direction, but it was iffy at best.

My goal for the next few rides, is to get her to pick up the trot withOUT bucking. She isn’t trying to unseat me (or at least she’s not nearly as effective as she could be), but she threw in a few real backcrackers. I really need to pick up a stick. She knows what my leg means, she’s just being a shyster about it. I got her to pick it up again, and keep going for a half lap. Did a whoa, and a stand while Mom pats her all over, and called it good.

One of her favorite things about her new home? The MUD. We’ve had a super warm few days, which means all the snow is melting, and she’s wallowing like a pig. It’s disgusting.



Tomorrow I’m off for ride number 2! Hopefully I can have a chat with Becky in the AM to see what I can do to help the ‘forward = buck’ issue until I can get a lesson sometime next week. Until then we can work on balancing in the walk and starting to collect a little, unless B has another suggestion.

So far, I’m very happy with my decision, and give the dreaded move a two thumbs up! Hopefully our transition to KY will be just as seamless. 🙂

I’m off to enjoy The Big Bang Theory with my handsome, and see if I can’t con a back rub out of him… since I saw my personal chiro tonight. Until next time… I also leave you with the adorable picture of one of my two legged loves!


Some gooood macaronis!


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