Another Willow post, I know. Shannon hasn’t been doing anything exciting but screaming… and that’s not really that exciting, just annoying, mostly.

After Mike got home tonight, I booked it out the door to the barn. I had talked with Becky a little bit this morning, about how we were going to remedy the whole “I don’t wannnnnnna so I’m just gonna buck” issue. I took a hard look at my position, and realized that I’m squeezing so hard, I take on the likeness of a blonde shrimp, all curled up in the saddle. Hardly effective. I’m going to let my irons down a hole, and focus on sitting tall and breathing (I know. Focus on breathing…easier said then done).

Our task for tonight was get Willow less hysterical over the whip on the ground. So, after the inital squinty eyed “Mooooom” look, she subjected herself to having her bridle put on and we wandered out to the arena. Dressage whip in one hand and lunge line in the other. First I asked her to stand still while I touched her all over with the whip. Her eyes got pretty big, and there was some jiggling, but she gave in.

Then I asked her to walk. I put the lunge line in my right hand, and the whip in my left. I timed my cluck with a tap from the whip. When she moved forward I went with it and administered lots of praise. We did a few laps around the area halting, then walking with a simultaneous cluck-tap. After she had that down, we progressed to trotting. She was forward and reactive, just how I wanted her to be.

We worked on things for about 20 minutes and then called it good. I was convinced that she wasn’t going to turn into a hysterical lunatic and she was convinced that I actually meant it when I asked her to move forward.

I was pretty stoaked that Becky is able to come teach me twice next week, but 10 minutes after we made plans, Mike e-mailed me saying that they were working late all next week. Typical.

Anyways, since she was good tonight, tomorrow I’ll ride and see if I can’t get her moving off my leg a bit more respectfully. 😉

This is old, but proof that she CAN indeed trot under saddle.

This is old, but proof that she CAN indeed trot under saddle.


I’m off to go try to sneak in a shower, and pray to god that it doesn’t wake up the baby. The whole, shower sharing a wall with both bedrooms was not a good strategy on the builders part. They must not have had kids.


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