Double digits, yo!



So. 10 things about 10 months!

1) Teeth- As of last night, we have TWO official teeth! TWO! They didn’t come in, in pairs like most kids. She has her top right tooth and her bottom right tooth. I think that we’re going to teach her to play the banjo and make moonshine next. They don’t seem to be bothering her *too* much for now. We’ll see when the rest start making their appearance. 😉 We figure we can only be so lucky for so long!



2) Toys- Pretty much anything is fair game as far as toys are concerned. She LOVES anything that crinkles, wrinkles, or makes noise. Bonus points if it gives Mom a heart attack when she plays with it. I’m looking at you, electrical sockets. She can almost pry the baby proofing plastic bit out of them, so it’s time to be more imaginative! Some other safe favorites? Anything at Nana’s house trumps everything x’s 100. She also loves half full water bottles, magazines/cd cases on tabletops, rattles, dog toys, Dad’s ears, diapers, and spoons. Pretty simple kid, really.



3) She’s movin’ and groovin’ like a pro, but still not walking yet. She zooms around our furniture like a pro. She’s beyond quick, and we have to keep her within arms reach most all times, or she’s into something. She can stand on her own for 10 seconds or so, and takes tiny steps. We aren’t pushing her, we know that we’ll be on the run once she gets going so we’re savoring this bit as long as we can. She loves to walk holding our hands, but, being only 10 months she’s pretty easily distracted!



4) Food- She loves to eat just about anything that we put in front of her. We have a pretty good breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack routine. I’ve come to love the HappyTot pouches for days when we’re on the go. We’ve gotten the green light from her doctor to give her just about anything, and she’ll happily chow down on what we put in front of her. Some favorites? Carrots, bear meat, mashed potatoes, Puffs, banana bread, rice, green beans, and broccoli. Not so favorite? Nothing that we’ve tried has been a resounding no.

5) Food makes me think of breastfeeding. We’re all done. I’m sad, it’s bittersweet, but I’m ready for her to move onto the next stage of her life. I will continue to offer it to her, for another week or so, but I am not producing much anymore, and she is not interested. And that’s okay.

6) Sleep. For now, she’s been doing okay. She goes down much, much MUCH better for anybody but me. Our goal most days is a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap. Bedtime is still normally 7.

7) She still has a limited vocab, of mostly babbling. She’ll spout off the occasional hi, yeah, ‘ditty DAAA’ (kitty cat/Dixie), Mom, Dad, Nana, and bill (Willow). She was very attached to a holiday card that we received in the mail, and sang “Ick muh felf” (Lyric my elf) over and over. Since I took the card away, though, I haven’t heard it again. Silly kid!

8) Loves? Bathtime, the animals, being naked, HappyTot pouches, when Dad comes home, her Nana, calling people on the phone, and drinking out of a bottle like a big girl.

9) Dislikes? Putting a clean diaper on, getting dressed, waiting for….anything, getting buckled into her car seat, snuggling (boo), and putting her shoes on.

10) I can’t believe that she’s going to be a year old in just TWO months! She’s blowing my mind!











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