Let It Snow!

Last year was kind of a dud, winter wise (you won’t hear this Hawaii grown girl complain), which was great! This year, it seems to be making up for it. We had word that there we were going to be hit by a Nor’easter, and while I groaned a little bit on the outside (snow is a pain in the butt) I was kind of happy to have an excuse for Mike to be home an extra day and to sit on the couch and watch movies with my little snuggle buddy (Dixie).

Snow it did! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed. It was fun and rather snuggly warm in the house. Mike got to work from home, after a quick haircut trip, Shannon was in a great mood, and we didn’t go out most of the day other than to put the hound dog out to potty. Dixie decided that the snow was overrated and hid under my sweet new heated blanket on the couch.

Not the heated blanket, but you get the general idea. Silly dog.

Not the heated blanket, but you get the general idea. Silly dog.


Finally, there is only so much farting around on the couch that a girl can do, so the dogs and I got suited up for playtime in the snow. We have a short walking path about a 1/4 mile or so from the house, since it wasn’t safe to walk around the road sidewalk-less, we quickly made our way there for some playtime. The dogs loved it! The snow was a little bit high for Dixie, but she was in little dog heaven leaping about in the drifts and picking fights with Jaxson. Having two dogs is a heck of a lot more fun than just one, although a bit more for a challenge to  walk.


It was a lot of snow for a little dog.

We did more playing than walking I think which was just fine by me.

Muggin' it for Mom.

Muggin’ it for Mom.

I love their little snow covered faces. <3.  It was starting to get chilly though, so we turned around and made our way back home. The path wasn’t plowed so wading through the snow drifts was a good work out. It was up to my knees in some spots. I must underestimate Dixie’s sniffer, because she suddenly found some smell that, to her, was worth digging a hole and shoving her head under the snow for. It was pretty hysterical.


But it’s something good, Mom!!

I got home, and Shannon was up from her nap so I suited her up for her own playtime in the snow. Two snowsuits and some protesting later we went out into the snow and I plopped her down. She wasn’t really sure what to make out of it, and there was a lot of just sitting and looking around. It may have been because she couldn’t move thanks to the two snowsuits.


Then she decided to have a taste. 🙂


But she couldn’t reach, so she just flopped over backwards and chilled out. She figured out that if she opened her mouth the snow *might* fall into it. It was adorable.

Snow angel... baby style!

Snow angel… baby style!


Then we played for a bit longer (read: Mom snapped some pictures) and went back into the house for tea and snuggles.



Grinding her teeth.... *sigh*

Grinding her teeth…. *sigh*

Speaking of teeth grinding. That’s a new habit and holy cow! It makes my mouth hurt!

It was a great day, we had Daddy home an extra day (yay!), got lots of time to relax and just hang. 🙂 To top it off, Dixie’s big girl collar came in the mail from SmartPak! She’s got a bit more bounce in her step, and it’s adorable. Around here they have to earn their leather. 😉



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