Yesterday was seriously beautiful out. 50 degrees, mostly sunny with just a small bit of wind. The beasts went out naked (and got super muddy) and looked to be enjoying every minute!

Shannon had a great time with her great-grandma yesterday morning, and now that she’s walking, she’s also decided that the norm is going to be one long nap in the afternoon, instead of two long ones. When we got home, I called Mike right away to make sure that he was going to be out at his normal time and if he could meet me at the barn so I could take advantage of the weather. He agreed and Shannon and I set out at 5 so we could meet him for the baby hand off. Willow hasn’t been ridden in a bit, so he agreed to stick around to keep an eye on things.

Turns out that 5 is a pretty popular time at the barn. It seemed like everybody is there, which is great. Mike peeled off with Shannon to get some grocery shopping done, and I got to chat with friends while I tacked up. Does it get any better than that? Not only did I get out of wandering around Hannafords in my blue plaid full-seats, tall boots and helmet hair… but I got to talk. To real adults. About not baby stuff! I was in heaven.

Willow, on the other hand, has never been worked in such a small space with other horses. I figured I would lunge her, just to test the waters and then take it from there. Luckily the girls in the ring were amazingly accommodating to us, and were happy to play merry go round. After a brief fit or two at the mounting block, off we went. That dang horse trucked right around like a pro, totally on point with what I was asking her to do. I’m so thankful to have found Stacy and the rest of the crew. It’s been the perfect intro for Willow into the world of being a grown up horse.

We did a bunch of laps with some green horse stops and starts. I even started to introduce a bit of light contact, collection, and flexation. All of which she handled like a pro. No snarking, refusing to move, nothing.  She circled when I asked her to circle. Whoa’d when I asked her to whoa. No drama. Stacy reported from the ground that her eye was relaxed. Her ears were working. She just felt really good. We hung out in the center for a while, on a long rein, just chatting and patting. She cocked a leg and chilled out, watching what was going on like an old pro.

I’m not sure where my physco horse went, but I don’t miss her! I’m really starting to like this new partnership that I’ve developed, and I’m so happy that I chose to put on my big girl panties and keep chugging away at it, despite such a rocky start. I know that we’ll have lots of bad days to come, but these good ones really keep things in perspective for me! Green horses aren’t easy. Green horses like Willow really challenge you. Emotionally, mentally, and physically but the up is so, so much better than the down.

thumbs up for helmets


Meanwhile, at home….



We’ve been dealing with destructive puppy from the underworld. I love him, but sweet baby jesus, dog! That’s a whooooole other post though.

I hope y’all have a great day! We’re off to have some lunch then go for a visit with Nana!


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