Of Kittens and Other Things!

Hey y’all! 

Hope that this finds everybody doing well. Mike has been busy busy busy at work, which means I’ve been busy, busy, busy chasing around my rather rambunctious toddler and getting fat off of what seems like air. Now that my all day sickness seems to have subsided (YAY!) for most of the day (mornings are still hard) I’m at that awkward point where I’m really angry that Jaxson ate my only pair of breeches with no front buttons, but not quite rotund enough to fit into my (ugh) maternity clothes.  I had the pleasure of going through the commissary yesterday in workout shorts and a tank top, wanting to explain to everybody who gave my ‘outfit’ a once over that “I swear, I’m not lazy, I just can’t button my jeans and sit down anymore.” Luckily Shannon took some of the heat off my ‘outfit’ by throwing one of those ear shattering tempertantrums halfway through our trip. Yea. I’m waving to the dreaded terrible twos as I see them sailing towards us at a rather alarming rate. 


She looks rather charming here… but don’t be fooled…

All in all though. We’re doing well. We managed to add to our little family, last Friday (like I don’t have enough stuff going on already?!) when Shannon and I stumbled across some kittens during our walk. Bleeding heart that I am, I scooped them up and brought them home. Without further ado, meet Pumpkin and Oreo! (Mike named them… I was pulling for Lilo and Stitch or Charlie and Larry… if you are a Frogs Leaper you’d understand the latter!)


It’s not rocket science to figure out whose who.

Kitties are about 5 weeks old, but eating wet food pretty well and using their little pan. They sleep in the downstairs bathroom at night, but enjoy the run of the house during the day. Shannon is especially enamored with them, as she finally has animals ‘her’ size to drag around the house. I’m constantly reminding her to “not pick the kitties up by the head”, and “please don’t kiss the butt.”  The kitties don’t seem to mind the extra attention, but their beepers are pretty easy to set off so there is a lot of squeaking going on during the day. 



And while we’re still talking about babies… yea, yea.. I know. I’m sick of it too, really. 😉 Mike and I found out that round 2 of Jones babies will be another GIRL! We’re pretty excited, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of TWO sets of show bows in the leadline classes at Devon. Little Charlotte Rose will make her appearance sometime in mid-late October (which totally blows my whole show season to hell… but fear not… 2014 WILL be our year!)

Moving seamlessly to show seasons (see how I did that) I decided that I’m going to move Miss Willow and our quest for USDF Bronze to it’s own website, so I can use all those horsey words and not bore the family that actually reads this (hi, Grandma! *waves*) to tears. If you’re interested, you can find us here: http://willowbronze.blogspot.com/ . There is exactly 0 there and the name stinks, but I’m busting out of this joint to head to the barn, and I’ll make it all fancy… eventually. 


When we went to Rolex (more on that later), I walked into the building and proclaimed… “I’m HOME!” I think Steffen Peters winced.

And on that slightly embarrassing note, I am off to go make the hike down to the girls’ paddock (since they live outside like heathens now) to give Willow a cookie and promise her that we will have a home with a rideable arena soon! 


How about a New Years throwback?


Tell me what you think!

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