Taking a Break

Hey y’all! Hope this post finds everybody out there doing well! 🙂

We’re trucking right along here. As you can probably tell, my posting is rather sporadic. It’s kind of a choice that I’ve made, not because of anything bad, but because I’m realizing  just how quickly Shannon is growing and I don’t want to miss anything! That and running this house, taking care of a 15 month old, 2 dogs, 2 kittens, 2 horses, plus trying to find time to spend with Mike and growing another little human is exhausting. The blog is at the bottom of the list, and I’m okay with that!

So what’s new here in the Bluegrass State?

Shannon went through a serious growth spurt, one that now allows her to do things like climb on the sofa, reach onto the dining room table and open the drawers in the kitchen. She’s discovered a whole new realm of naughty and it’s both hysterical and exhausting.


And yes. My house is a wreck…another thing that I’m okay with.

One of the amazing things, however, about this growth spurt, is that she’s started sleeping in until around 9, which I seriously think is amazing. It allows me some time in the morning to read, pick up the house, or sleep in. Once her little toes hit the floor, it’s GO time! She is a blast though, and I still love every minute of being her Mom.

On the baby making front, things are going better than they were. I have great days, good days, and days  that make me want to hide under the covers forever. We’ve seen the emergence of Braxton-Hicks (that I blame on Willow’s trot!) that I was not quite ready for, My doctors are not quite pleased with it either, and have encouraged me to relax as much as possible (Ha). I have gained back a whole entire pound after my struggle getting my extreme ‘morning’ sickness under control! I’ve crossed the half way point and couldn’t be happier to see that light at the end of the tunnel! What have we done to prepare for baby Charlie? Nada. Well other than eat nachos until I hate myself.


Just shy of the halfway point!

Mike continues to kick ass and take names at work on a daily basis. His hard work and dedication has paid off, and he was promoted to Center (Station?) Commander about a week ago. He’s also passed his flight physical and is thismuch closer to achieving his dream of heading off to flight school! Boards aren’t until later this fall, so he has some time to get the rest of his stuff together. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s made the NCO Promotions list! We’re waiting for his name to pop up so we can officially pin him. PLUS he’s taking classes to get him moving towards a senior leaders course. Phew! I mean really… how much prouder could I be? Oh, yea… he also does the dishes (without being asked). 😉  Hands off ladies!


Happily carting the baby around at the barn.

The horses are both doing well. They seem to be loving the switch to being outside, Sadie especially. I am much happier with the arrangement as well, as I am now in 100% charge of all their care. It’s taken much more work, but I’m happy to be in control again. Willow happily carts my behind around bareback while Sadie is learning how to be a good event pony with her BFF Shelby. She (Sadie…not Shelby) is looking a bit butt high, so here’s hoping that she’ll finish out around 16.3, which is what the high bits are measuring at the moment. She’s doing wonderfully, and is a pretty relaxed mare. Shelby is able to hop right aboard and Sadie tries her heart out. She also is a pretty big fan of hacking out, and was the steady eddie that Willow needed when we went out for the first time. I’m getting ready to select a trainer for Willow to head to for bootcamp, and that’s been a heck of a time! In the meantime, she’s happy to just wander around with me, and make faces at everybody else. 🙂


All the other four legged beasties are doing fantastically as well. Kitties are getting into the routine, and everybody has managed to figure out how to play nicely together.


Finally, Mike and I have decided that it’s time to start looking a little bit more into buying a house in the area, preferably with land so I can have my girls at home. We’ve hooked up with an awesome realtor and I’m excited to start looking at potential properties next week. I mean really… why wouldn’t we want to move in the midst of everything else going on? 🙂 We love where we live right now, but sometimes it take Mike more than an hour to get home at night. When you take into account that the man works 16+ hour days… can you blame us?

So that’s all the news for now. I’m off to give a little girl a snack and then we’re off to the barn. I do try to update my Twitter (@finally4ever) and Instagram (finallyforeverafter) more frequently, so hook up with us on there too if you want to see all the adventures!

Ciao for now!


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