I know that I don’t have a huge blog following, mostly family (Hi Grandma!) but I’m putting this out there anyways, because if I was in this situation with Willow, I know that I would be devastated. 

A fellow COTHer posted on the forums that her horse had been stolen from the Roanoke, VA area and (as COTHers do) it’s quickly going viral in every media outlet possible. I’m adding my blog to that as well. 

Meet Fortune: 



He’s a 16.3 hand bright bay Holsteiner cross gelding. He has a special hot shoe job, including pour in pads in front, and hardware all around. Without his shoes, he will be dead lame. He was taken from a barn in the Roanoke, VA area by a known kill buyer with the last name of Pastel. This man was working together to steal the horse by a woman whose name that I don’t know. He was stolen while his owner was out of state receiving treatment for cancer. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

Let’s plaster Fortune and his information as far and wide as we can, and I’m begging all my readers, Twitter and Facebook friends, horsey or not to keep your eyes peeled for this handsome guy and hope that we can flush him out before he meets a much worse fate!  

If anybody has any information, please contact me directly at finallyforeverafter at gmail dot com. The owner also has the information out with netposse, I believe. I’ll update this post as I learn more, so keep checking back in!  



4 thoughts on “Fortune.

  1. I simply do not understand why anyone would steal someone else’s horse.

    It is brain dead. Even for the most elegant and accomplished of acclaimed horses.

    Many years ago mid-Minnesota winter someone stole my cool midnight blue ’64 Impala 2DHT while I was warming it up, apparently for a joy ride. I got it back within hours.

    The only harms were a burned out set of points because the idiots abandoned it with an open ignition. And in the glove compartment a small box of 19th century coins of interest (2 cent and three cent pieces, Indian Head pennies and and a couple of old dimes) but no stellar value that a very sweet older woman to whom I regularly delivered chow mein from my part time job working for my parents in their side-business had given me two years before because she knew from our chats at her door that I collected coins, And an envelope containing some early short stories I had written in high school. They dumped the envelope with contents on the trunk when they abandoned my car.

    Whatever they wanted, they didn’t get. They settled for what even today would be about fifty bucks worth of coins that likely were difficult to dispose of for a fraction of that. Their opinion of the worth of my literary work was a brusie to my ego, but that was of no consequence.

    Why would anyone go to so much trouble for something of great value to someone else, but little commercial value to them?

  2. We have Fortune listed on NetPosse as Missing and have not received the required information to list him as Stolen. We received documentation from both parties but neither was enough to resolve actual ownership or give us cause to remove the listing (as in we were not provided with enough evidence that the original listing was falsely filed and that the person claiming to have Fortune has legal ownership). If State Police will not allow criminal charges to be filed then this will have to be settled in a court of law. Unfortunately, Rusty, paperwork doesn’t always prove ownership especially when it was never signed by appropriate parties or properly executed. …

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