How about an update?

How are y’all doing? How about a blog style brain dump?

We’re hanging in there! We got to see Miss Charlotte yesterday, and while she was very uncooperative for the tech, everything looks like it’s growing great in there. She’s got all her body parts where they are supposed to be, and she was happy to show us how she can use them all. She’ll probably be born mid-somersault. I wish I had a picture of her to share, but unfortunately she didn’t stop moving around long enough to see anything that even slightly resembled a baby. How about a 23 week bump (sorta) picture instead?


Shannon is proving that she is my child, through and through. She’s learned that when she wants Willow to come see her, she should cluck, so now when she wants attention from… anybody (or animal or thing) she clucks. And clucks. And clucks. It’s adorable. Who am I kidding though, everything she does it adorable, with the exception of trying to brain the TV and/or dogs with a Nylabone.  Those quickly have turned into “kennel only” toys for the dogs. Dixie lays outside of her crate and just stares at it. She’s a little overly attached.

We also discovered that the mall has an awesome kids play place. Mike had to work alllll day on Saturday, so Shannon and I explored the mall. We had a good time, and it was fun to let her loose and watch her play! The floors and all the toys were made with some special foam, so pretty ouchie proof! Score! We did end up leaving a little sooner than we both would have liked. There were some bigger (10-12 years old) kids who were NOT really paying attention, and kept running the little ones over. Bummer. It was fun until then, though!


We got the dogs new beds recently, and Jax has a hard time sleeping on his. He’s terrified of it. I tried to get him to snuggle with me on it, but all that we managed to do was get him to pee all over himself and I. It was AWESOME. Fortunately, Dixie doesn’t mind sleeping on it, while Jax happily snoozes away or her pink one.  Goobers.


Kentucky weather seems to throw me for a loop on a daily basis. I’m thinking about trying to find a job forecasting the weather patterns down here, as I don’t seem to have to know anything about it. As an example, we have been under a severe thunderstorm warning since this morning. Shannon and I rushed out to help the barn owner get the barn ready to bring the horses in, then brought Willow in to get her all tucked in (and then, after we left, she promptly sat on the wall partition and busted it. Elephant). According to the radar on my phone (well the WeatherBug app) we should be in the midst of a storm. According to my glance out the window, it’s cloudy, but that’s it. Of course, y’all know that if I’d left Willow out, we would have had a tornado. *eyeroll* The humidity is really throwing me for a loop as well. Back home, it would get humid, then rain, and then it would be nice again. Here, it’s humid, it rains, and then it’s even more humid. I consume water by the gallon and put our ice maker through it’s paces. Yuck. Willow gets hosed off just about every day, and I go through bottles of fly spray weekly.

We close on our new house (squeal!) in a few weeks and we just put our deposit down on Willow’s new home. I’m excited to move her to a place where we’ll have a lighted indoor and she can come in during the day to stand in front of a fan.

I got my hair cut! Okay… well, trimmed. But I paid the extra $14 for her to style it and felt like a real person for the whole day afterwards! It was awesome, and I really need to stock up on the hairspray that she used. It smelled almost edible, and kept the humidity from giving me a fro! Lisa, at Wal*Mart (how freakin’ classy am I!) you are a genius!


Mike got the opportunity to participate in the Louisville Waterfront Challange which is what they call an ‘urban 5K’. I was pretty jealous that my bumpin’ didn’t allow me to participate in the fun! He and his fellow recruiters had an Army booth set up, so Shannon and I stayed home. He had a blast, though, and finished 74 out of over 800 participants in a time of 33:38. I’m trying to convince him to sign up for The Bourbon Chase in October (a 200 mile relay race, that follows the Bourbon trail) but his argument is that it takes place on my due date, and I should maybe be staying close to home, not driving a van full of sweaty recruiters all over Kentucky. Sing with me… every party has a pooper…

Anyways, that’s about all in new news so far. I’m off to go find something to occupy the littlest munchkin while it’s still not raining outside. Perhaps we’ll go have some popsicles again. 🙂


Have a great day, everybody, and to all my VT friends and family… I hope that you are all staying high and dry! I miss you!


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