Hey y’all!

Hope that everybody is doing well out there. Things have been a bit crazy over here. By Monday afternoon, Mike and I will officially be homeowners for the first time. It’s a crazy thought, but we’re pretty excited over the whole thing!

I will admit that I am a little bit nervous about moving day, solely for the fact that thanks to the Army we are 900 miles away from any kind of real help, so we get to do all the work. Luckily Mike goes into beast mode and there isn’t any real stopping him once he gets rolling. The man is a total force of nature! The idea of packing up all of our stuff (again) with a toddler, two dogs, and an increasingly pregnant me does keep me up sweating at night though. We’ll get through it, but it’s going to be a long week!

The other thing that I’m most excited about is that Willow will be moving too (naturally). The place that she’s at right now isn’t working out that well for her. She’s having a really hard time adjusting to the bugs down here (we all are, but we don’t live outside 24/7) and although we’ve finally got her hives under control, I’m ecstatic that she’ll now have the option of coming inside to a stall when things get gross. She loves to be out, but knowing that she had no relief from the devil creatures was really driving me insane. She seemed to care significantly less, if at all. This place will be a much better fit for us all around. AND we’ll have a lovely indoor, so after baby Charley gets here we have no more excuses! I think I’m almost more excited about the new barn then the new house. Awful, I know. 🙂

And, naturally, what would a blog post be without an update on Shannon, who is doing wonderfully, as usual. I can’t seem to keep her off the furniture now that she’s figured out how to haul herself up there. She’s into everything which is nothing new and our house stands in a state of total disaster 99% of the time. 🙂 But it’s okay. We live here.

She’s the biggest Daddy’s girl who you’ll ever meet, and she’s starting to catch the horse bug. That’s great news to me! She’s added the word “Bill” to her vocabulary and happily yells it as soon as any four legged creature that even slightly resembles a horse comes into her sights. She’s still a little bit daunted when she has a pony ride on Willow, but that’s a long way up for a little girl! She’ll lead her all over creation, though. Willow dutifully follows her around like a good girl. It’s adorable. I go out by myself most days, so no pictures since I’m too busy supervising. Maybe soon! I need at least one to frame, don’t y’all think?

Speaking of pictures, this post is horribly lacking. Shannon put my phone through the dishwasher at the beginning of the week and I lost anything that wasn’t uploaded onto Facebook. Luckily all her newborn pictures and the like were already off loaded, but all the recent stuff went kaput.

Anyways, things here are going well! It’s going to be a busy next few weeks, but it will all be worth it in the end. I’m starting to feel like a normal person 80% of the time now, which is a huge improvement and the timing couldn’t be better. This pregnancy has been radically different from my first, but so is the situation surrounding it, so that’s understandable. I’m juuuust barely into my third trimester, so the light is happily shining at the end of what seems like the longest tunnel ever.  I can’t wait to get back in the tack and attack the road to my Bronze, fall asleep in less than 3 hours at night, and just feel better over all! Not to mention meet our newest edition, Charley, but that’s a given!

I’m off to weed (Lord help me… I’ve never weeded anything my life) our mulch patch so we don’t have to worry about it this week and start getting this place boxed up!


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