Hello Chaos!



Girl has her priorities….

Well, we’ve officially spent two nights in the new house! Mike has been a total brute when it comes to moving, doing almost all of the work by himself while I wrangle Shannon and try to unpack as many boxes as I can. To add to the fun, it’s been in the upper 90’s with a heat index of 100-105 all week. Fun!

After we closed on Monday, we ran to the tack store to pick up shavings and a few other odds and ends for Willow, then picked up lunch and ate it picnic style on the kitchen floor. 


We went back and spent our last night on post and got started bright and early Tuesday morning. I had an OB appointment first thing, and then came home to make sure Shannon stayed out from under foot. Mike loaded her and the dogs up, and we caravanned out the barn to load hay, Willow, and my grain bin. He split for the new house and I followed Willow out to get her settled into her new digs!


Wills is loving her new home, is a bit overly obsessed with standing in front of her fan, and is meeting her new friend Onyx for night turnout this afternoon. It’s been in the upper 90’s all week so she’s been staying in. I prefer that any horse in my care be outside as much as possible, but she’s seemed to appreciate being out of the heat. I know it puts my mind at rest now. 


Checkin’ out the hay situation.


She’s been a total lady, and everybody at the barn loves her. We even had to pose for pictures yesterday, since a few people haven’t seen a horse quite her size before. I hope it doesn’t go to her head. 😉 The barn that we moved her too is wonderful. Everybody is extremely helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is very laid back and I have the ability to do exactly the things that Willow needs. I’m so happy to have her 5 minutes away and have full control over every aspect of her care. There is always somebody around and I was getting updates on Her Majesty all day, which put my mind at serious ease since we were so busy on this end!


After I got her settled in, I jetted over to the house and did more Shannon wrangling while Mike unpacked. After she went to bed, we put the pedal to the medal and unpacked the kitchen and a few odds and ends. I made 812 trips to Wal Mart to pick up things that we forgot at the old house. Wednesday morning Mike was up and out the door at the crack of dawn and spent the day on post, loading up as much as he could from that house. Shannon and I hung out here, checked on Willow, made MORE runs to Wal Mart, and cleaned the bejeezus out of this place. Mike and I did more unpacking after she went to bed, and got our furniture put together. It feels good to have furniture! He had to go back to work today and tomorrow, but hopefully we will be all set after just one more intense moving day this weekend. You never realize how much little stuff you have until you have to move it all! Next move, we will be hiring a company instead of doing it all ourselves! 

We are loving being in our own house, despite all the work, and will love it even more when it we aren’t so exhausted, I think! I spent most of the day today hanging up pictures, and I have a few DIY projects on the list whenever I can get to Lowes. I’m so excited to be able to make this space ours so that we can really enjoy it for the time that we’ll be here. Mike may or may not be leaving, so it will be nice to have a home base that the girls and I are comfortable in before he goes. 


Keeping an eye on things from her new kitchen stool.

We have about 1,000 more square feet than we did living on post, and it’s proven to be the perfect size. Post housing was nice, don’t get me wrong, and we are really lucky that we chanced into the house that we did, but when you add a toddler, two dogs, and two cats into the mix, things get a little close. Maybe it’s the layout, maybe it’s the number… who knows… all I know it that it’s great! 



Doin’ log rolls with Daddy in the living roo

My only complaint? The guy that Time Warner sent out to set up our cable and internet. As soon as he left, I was on the phone with the company hub asking them to NEVER send him back to our house again. He was dirty, rude (he seriously asked me if “I could get him a glass of ice water, babe, it’s hot outside”), got into a yelling match with a friend, and farted on my couch. Yea. You read that right. Farted. On my couch. Loudly. The company apologized profusely when I called and promised that he wouldn’t be back out. Honestly, though this whole process could have been much, much worse, so I’m thankful! 

I guess I better be off to take advantage of Shannon’s nap to get some more boxes unpacked without my favorite little shadow. She’s about as helpful as you would imagine a toddler to be! 


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