Hey y’all! Did you have a good hump daaaaay? One of the perks of having a husband named Mike is that I can chase him around the house yelling “Mikemikemikemike!” He hates me sometimes. 😉

Things here are going well. I had a baby doctor appointment on Tuesday and my midwife has officially given me the “any day now!” thumbs up. I don’t think I’ve had somebody so excited over the state of my baby hammock (aka uterus) before. I’ll spare the details, because… well… It’s MY baby hammock, thanks very much.

The real reason for this post is that I wanted to let everybody know that Team Willow t-shirts are good to go! You can get yours at here.

How about some details? Shirts themselves are $20. I have a goal of selling 250 (lofty, I know…but I’m not afraid of a challenge) but need a minimum of 20 before they go to print. If you purchase one but I DON’T hit my minimum goal, your money will be refunded. If I exceed my goal of 250 sold, I’m going door to door and giving everybody highfives. Just kidding. If we can really knock this thing out of the ball park, any extra will be donated to a local rescue called TAS (Team American Saddlebreds).

After you place your order, please send me an e-mail at finallyforeverafter at gmail dot com (or a private message via the Facebook page) with your address. Shirts will be printed 2 weeks after the close date, and then bulk shipped to me. I’ll ship them from here. Tryin’ to keep costs as low as possible! After you check the page out, please share the bologna out of it!

Team Willow is taking off faster than I thought that it ever would, and I am planning on carrying that momentum into the future. Stay tuned for my plan. Yes. I have a plan.

I’ll have all this info on the #TeamWillow page if you need it for a reference. Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions! I love you all so much, and still can’t wrap my brain around all the support I’ve gotten in the past few weeks!

I’m off to go run up and down the stairs a few dozen times to try to convince this baby out.


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