Finally Favorites

Sing with me here… “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” I honestly can’t remember the rest of that song, but every time I think about listing a few of my favorite things, it pops into my head.


I just wanted to have a page dedicated to my most favorite things. I tried my best to break it down into categories so you don’t find yourself clicking over to Babies R Us when you really wanted something Equine related. 🙂 I’ll be updating this page as I become obsessed with new things, which is fairly often. I’ll do my best to provide links and a brief description.


Violet Hill Farm

* Violet Hill Farm is located in Dillsburg, PA and produces professional quality and amateur friendly US-bred sport horses for all disciplines. *

The Chronicle of the Horse

* To keep up to date on all my horse related news and get wonderful advice on the forums! *

USEF Network

* Live streaming for all the big equine events? Yes, please! *

Equine Aid

* The best equine hydration aid, ever! Changed my life! * 

Horze Equestrian

* Some of my favorite sheets, coolers, boots, and breeches! They will accept my pleas of sponsorship eventually. *

Frogs Leap Farm

* Willow’s breeder and the one of the best horse people that I know! *

Santana’s Silver Moon Stables

* Family friendly, amazing care, and great facilities! *


Every Moment Matters Photography

* It self-explanatory… Every moment does matter! * 


I guess they don’t have a lot of favorite things yet…



* Best. Baby. Carriers… evah! * 


* Daily deals on the most adorable clothes for the girls and I. * 


Tell me what you think!

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