Willow’s Stats

Registered Name: Willow
Nicknames: Herself, Pilly, Pill, Pillow, Willy, Will, Willabean, Bill
Breed: Danish Warmblood
D.O.B: June 2004
Height: 17.2
Color: Dark Bay (with dapples!)
Markings: Star, left hind sock, brand on left hip and neck
Sire: Michellino
Dam: Wivace (Stravinksy xx X May Waltz)
Breeder: Becky Train of Frogs Leap Farm, Milton VT
Favorite Treats: Peppermints, Carrots, Tacos, Cheese Combos
Strengths: Eating, evading capture, anything to do with going right, standing still, making faces
Weaknesses: We don’t speak about those…
Blanket Size: 80″
Halter Size: Oversized
Bit: Loose ring French link
Eats: 3 quarts of McCauley’s 12% cubed AM/PM. Free choice hay.
Supplements: SmartOmega-3 and ThiaCal in the winter.



This is old, but proof that she CAN indeed trot under saddle.


Wordless Weekend


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